Do you want to earn a lot of crypto coins? Hilanofaucet is a high paying crypto faucet with many tasks and the website is easy to use.

If you want to know more about hilanofaucet, this article will explain some of the best earning features, payment methods, how to use the faucet and much more info.

What Is Hilanofaucet?

Hilanofaucet is a cryptocurrency faucet where users can earn various crypto coins, so it can also be considered a multifaucet website. This faucet was created in 2021. The website uses a personalized script and it has many great features.


Hilanofaucet is pretty similar to coinpot. The design looks nice and clean but when you enter your dashboard the website will show some ads that can be annoying, especially the redirect ad. The registration process is quick and easy. You can start earning coins right away after you have registered but remember to confirm your email first.

How to Earn Coins?

The coins are the main token or currency in hilanofaucet. You can get coins by completing tasks and for this, the website has many earning features that are worth mentioning. Let’s explain some of these earning features in more detail.


The normal faucet is the easiest way to earn and it’s effortless. Every 3 minutes you can get 40 coins by using the faucet but there is a limit of 1000 claims per day which is more than enough to earn a good amount of coins. To make a claim just solve the captcha and the antibot test then click on the collect reward button to get your coins.


This feature is really easy to do but you will not earn too much with it, honestly. If you want to earn the most with this faucet, the offerwall is the way to go. We will explain how the offerwall works in the next section.

Mad Faucet

The mad faucet is similar to the normal faucet but with some differences:

• The reward in the mad faucet is 7 coins.

• The claim timer is 30 seconds.

• Max claim you can make per day is 350.

• There are a lot more ads and redirections.

The mad faucet is like a turbo faucet you can claim a lot of times but for the effort you need to put in and the reward you get at the end it is not worth it, unless you really need those extra coins.


The autofaucet is an extra feature. To run the autofaucet you will need energy points. You can get energy points by solving shortlinks.


The autofaucet requires 15 energy to start running and you can collect coins automatically. If you want to use an autofaucet it’s better to use an established autofaucet site like firefaucet or autodutchy where you are not restricted but these energy points and the lack of options to acquire them.

Solving shortlinks can be profitable. You can get a bunch of coins and energy points for every one you complete. There are 27 shortlinks in total and they reset daily.


To solve a shortlink you need to follow the link and complete a captcha at the end. Some of them might require additional steps on your part, so make sure to check and read the instructions carefully.

View Ads

In the PTC section, you will find ads that you can click and watch to earn coins. The ad will open in a new browser window and you just need to watch the ad a few seconds after done you can close the window.


The payout for watching an ad is low, 10 – 20 coins and there are only a few of them available.


The highest paying feature in hilanofaucet is the offerwall. With the offerwall you can more than 500,000 coins. The offerwall includes answering surveys, completing offers, watching videos, downloading apps and many more tasks.


Completing an offer can take time and not all users will be able to access the same offers as some of them depend on the user’s country or location. But is easy to earn a couple of buck’s worth in coins with this feature, just make sure to follow the offer instructions properly.

Quick Tasks

In the quick tasks section, you will find tasks that you can do to get extra coins and energy. These tasks are usually about writing a comment on forums with your payment proof screenshot.

Daily Achievements

The daily achievements are challenges that can be completed every day. For example, making 10 faucet claims and solving 10 shortlinks are the most common achievements you can get.


The harder the challenge the more coins and energy you will earn. Just remember that challenges are reset daily and you can track your progress in the achievements tab.


Getting referral users to the site is another way to earn. Hilanofaucet pays 20% commission for every active user you invite and registers using your link. You will earn coins whenever your referrals complete a task.


There are three games to play in this section – lucky spin, dice and lottery. The lucky spin or wheel of fortune has a cost of 25 energy points and you can win coins with it based on your luck, 10 -200 coins per spin. You can only spin 3 times per day.


The dice is a gambling game where you place bets in coins. The winnings depend on whether you roll higher or lower than a specific number. The game allows changing these betting parameters according to your preference. This game can be risky so it’s better to use it with caution and only bet what you can afford to lose.

The lottery game works similarly to other faucets. Here you can buy tickets with coins (10 coins = 1 ticket). The lottery runs for a week until a winner is selected. The final reward is based on the total number of tickets purchased among all the participants.


Payments on hilanofaucet are instant and the minimum required amount is really low – only 75 coins. The faucet supports 8 cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, usdt, tron and more.


The only payment method available is faucetpay. To withdraw your earnings is simple, just select your preferred cryptocurrency, input the number of coins you want to receive, your faucetpay email and finally hit the withdraw button. You will see a confirmation message and your coins will be sent to your chosen address.

Is Hilanofaucet Legit?

Yes, hilanofaucet is a legit crypto faucet and is currently paying. It’s really easy to use and earn. There are also many payment proofs on the website homepage, just click the payment proof button to see them.


Hilanofaucet is still a new site but is quickly become one of the most trusted and highest paying crypto faucets available. The design is nice and the website is optimized for both mobile phones and pc devices.

If you want to earn crypto with a high paying faucet, hilanofaucet is a great opportunity. Register now and start earning instant crypto payments quickly and easily.

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