With over 25 high-paying simple and fun tasks, BTCBunch offers you a chance to make quick money without a lot of effort. The tasks range from faucets, surveys, shortlinks, mining, and dice rolling. You can claim your earnings and have them credited to your Faucetpay account immediately.

In this article, we are going to examine BTCBunch and give you all of the information that you need to decide whether to use this platform. BTCBunch is gaining popularity very quickly, but let’s see if it lives up to the hype!

What Is BTCBunch?

BTCBunch is a fairly new faucet that provides several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, BNP, Litecoin, Tether, Tron, Zcash, and many more. The website started running in September 2021 and it uses its currency token which is worth about 0.00001 USD.


The user interface of this site has a practical and usable design with a clean look although not as appealing as other faucets.

How to Earn

The website supports automatic payouts through several providers. There are also many tasks available for you to earn some cryptocurrencies. We have given a comprehensive list of these tasks below.

Multi Faucet

The Faucet is a reward system that awards you with a certain number of points for every verification code you solve and for clicking links or completing other simple tasks. There are three Faucets offered at BTCBunch. The Manual Faucet and the Mad Faucet involve solving captchas.


Although the two faucets are similar, Mad Faucet has higher payouts. There is also the Auto Faucet which claims automatically every five minutes but has lower payouts.


The Pay per click offers allows you to get paid for clicking on advertisements. You can also buy traffic for your blog, affiliate link, or Youtube channel on this site for $ 0.001 only.


The site also offers Micro jobs such as installing the BTCBunch App, creating a video reviewing the website, and uploading it to youtube. These are, however, time-consuming tasks that require a lot of effort and we recommend you try some of the other offers to earn your money.

You can visit shortlinks and earn energy. Although the site has not described what these energy points are for, shortlinks still pay better among the available tasks.



This is one of the interesting games available on the site where you can roll the dice without any restrictions. By playing this game, you might be lucky to earn some extra tokens.


The Faucet offers 100% fair lottery games that are verified giving you an opportunity to receive huge bonuses and also make a lot of crypto through purchasing lottery tickets.


There are various surveys and questions that you can complete to make money and they are offered by some of the top offerwall suppliers such as wannads, offertoro, monlix, and bitswalls.


A sum of $1500 is donated by BTCBunch to the top fifteen winners every week. You can earn even more just by topping the charts.

Auto Faucet

BTCBunch offers an automatic faucet feature that enables you to claim your faucets without clicking any button. You can therefore keep the Faucet running and make some crypto.

Referral Program

When you refer someone to this platform, you get 25% of their earnings which are paid to you directly as a bonus. The referral will however not receive fewer earnings because of this commission. It is important to inform them to be a little cautious and to withdraw their earnings as soon as possible.

Level System

By completing more activities, you are able to receive more rewards. As you progress to higher levels you gain even higher rewards. You can also upgrade your account to earn more.

Is BTCBunch Legit?

The BTCBunch seems to be legit given the ratings on TrustPilot, which is a highly reputable source for consumer reviews. It is a trusted and legal site and has an app version that is available on Google Play Store. The site is hosted and located in the USA.

The owner of the site, Paccosi also owns other cryptocurrency websites including a youtube channel with 25000 plus fans thus proving that the site is legitimate. However, Paccosi is known to promote scams like the Bitcoin doubler through his own referral links hence putting doubt on the credibility of this site.

Despite all this, BTCBunch will deposit your earnings via faucetpay immediately and you can withdraw directly from the faucet after three claims. Thus we recommend.

How to Withdraw From BTCBunch?

The faucet offers a very low minimum withdrawal requirement. With an account balance of $0.001, you can be able to withdraw to the payment provider of your choice. BTCBunch supports withdrawals through FaucetPay, Payeer, PayPal, UPI, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, Google Code, and Capitec Bank.


The minimum withdrawal for FaucetPay and Payeer is $0.0001 although Faucetpay has a 0% fee charge while Payeer has a 10% withdrawal fee. To withdraw to your Paypal account, you require a minimum of $ 0.05 and a fee of 50% is charged on withdrawals. This is due to the high cost of PayPal.You also have an option of withdrawing through Coinbase which has a 0% fee and requires a minimum of $0.01.

Withdrawals take about 48 hours and you can extract any supported cryptocurrency using faucetpay in order to receive immediate payments. The minimum withdrawal amount for UPI and Google code is $5 or the equivalent of 500,000 tokens. The extraction and approvals for UPI and GP code are done manually hence they can take up to 48 hours.

Tips and Tricks to Mine Faster?

The website allows you to open multiple tabs on different devices. This way, you are able to earn more with less time. The tabs should, however, be of the same account as opening multiple accounts may get you banned.


BTCBunch is definitely a site with lots of opportunities for earnings. However, you should be careful while taking part in the tasks available. We suggest that you do not take part in gambling on this site since it is not certain whether the system is rigged or not. You should also claim your earnings as soon as you can and take advantage of the instant withdrawals.

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