If you like faucets that pay multiple coins with a minimum amount of ads and fast withdrawals then viefaucet is perfect for you.

This faucet has a clean and user-friendly design. With viefaucet you can earn cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, doge, tron and many more by completing easy tasks. This article will review this crypto faucet that has been around for some time.

What Is Viefaucet?

Viefaucet is a cryptocurrency faucet where users can earn multiple cryptocurrencies by doing simple tasks like claiming from a faucet, clicking ads, daily bonus and much more. The website has a clean and unique design with almost no ads and it’s one of the most user-friendly faucets we have seen so far.


The website is based in Vietnam and has gained more than 200,000 registered users over its two years of existence. In viefaucet you earn tokens, these tokens don’t have a specific value in crypto but instead, you can convert them to your preferred cryptocurrency when you withdraw your tokens.

Viefaucet is also a custom script that many faucet sites use these days. If you are looking to create your own crypto faucet, this script is a good option. It's not free but it has many interesting features and most importantly it is secure and very easy to use.

Ways to Earn Tokens

Like with most crypto faucets that pay multiples cryptos viefaucet has similar earning features to get free tokens, let’s explain some of them.

Faucet Claim

This is the faucet, where you solve a captcha and earn tokens. The reward from the faucet is 50 tokens and 3 experience points. You can claim tokens every 3 minutes and there is a limit of 1000 claims per day. The experience points help you reach new levels and with higher levels your earning bonus increases. This bonus boosts the number of tokens your earn with every task you complete on viefaucet, so this feature is great if you are an active user as you can increase your level quickly and thus you will earn more.


To get more tokens from the faucet, viefaucet also has a happy hour system similar to firefaucet happy hour, this happy hour starts daily and you get a nice bonus of 10% more tokens when claiming. The reward you get from the faucet may not seem too much at first but if you’re constant and use the additional earning features you can get a decent amount of crypto in no time.

Daily Bonus

The daily bonus can be claimed every day and it increases with every consecutive day you request this bonus, miss a day and the bonus streak will be reset.


With the daily bonus, you earn tokens, experience points and earning bonus. Claiming the bonus is easy as you just have to solve a simple captcha and click a button. Just don’t miss a day or the streak will be reset and you will have to start again.


For viewing an ad the reward varies from 18 to 50 tokens, this depends on the type of ad you watch, there are two types of ads: window ad and iframe ad. Widow ads are easier as you don’t have to actually watch the ad and can leave it on the browser background.


On the other hand, iframe ads need to be in focus mode and you have to watch it until the end of the ad duration, usually 5s to 15s. Ptc ads are an easy way to earn extra tokens and there are a lot of them available every day.

You can also earn with shortlinks. If you don’t know what a shortlink is, it’s just a hyperlink that you need to follow and solve a captcha to confirm you have completed the task. Keep in mind that shortlinks show a lot of advertisements and popads. Viefaucet pay from 100 to 110 tokens per shortlink.


Shortlinks pay more than the faucet but they require more work on your part and they have more ads.


The offerwall section is locked and you can only access it if your account is at level two. Here you can find high paying surveys and tasks that pay a lot more tokens than any other task available on the website. So if you are interested in the offerwall you need to level up your account first and this is accomplished by doing common tasks like claiming from the faucet or viewing ptc ads.


Challenges are specific tasks set by the website, think of them as missions that you can complete and get rewarded for it. You can even see your progress towards a specific challenge in this section. The rewards you get from challenges include some tokens and experience points.


The leaderboard is a competition where the most active users get rewarded with huge amounts of tokens. Leaderboard is currently in beta but any user can participate. Competitions last about a week until winners are selected.

Viefaucet Is Legit?

Yes, viefaucet is a legit crypto faucet with a lot of active users, many people have trusted this website and have earned a good amount of cryptocurrencies with it. This website is so easy to use even for beginners, you will not find any trouble using the site.


The minimum withdrawal amount in viefaucet is really low, just 100 tokens and you can request a payment. The faucet support 7 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, USDT, Shiba and Solana.


Payment methods available are faucetpay and coinbase. Most payments are sent instantly after the request but some might take more time and need to be approved first by the admin. If you have any problem with a payment the website also has a support chat and telegram group where you can contact them.


Viefaucet is one of the most user-friendly faucets where you can earn multiple cryptos. There are almost no ads and the user experience is great, making it ideal for people looking to try a crypto faucet for the first time or want to start collecting cryptocurrencies.

Viefaucet is a friendly faucet with great features and instant payments. If you want to earn free cryptos, it’s a great option, so make sure to check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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