If you're looking for trustworthy online earning opportunities to get some free cryptos, faucetcrypto is an amazing website that you use to get free crypto coins online.

In this post we will discuss and review, what is faucetcrypto, is it legit or scam? What are the most important features of this site? Let's get started.

What Is Faucetcrypto?

Faucetcrypto is a multi-faucet website where you can earn multiple free cryptocurrencies in return for completing some small tasks, it has a nice looking design and it's really easy to use.

After you sign up to the site and before you enter your dashboard you will need to complete a short tutorial so you can get familiar with the most important features of the site.


Some of the best earning tasks on faucetcrypto are the faucet claim, PTC ads, offerwalls & surveys, level system, items system, and many more.

How to Earn Coins With Faucetcrypto?

There are several different activities available for users to get some coins in their balance, let's take a look at some of the most important tasks.

Faucet Claim

To get your free coins from the faucet, first you need to wait 12 seconds and solve the captcha antibot. When you are ready just hit the "get your reward" button to get your coins. Claiming from the faucet gets you a reward of 17 coins (10 coins = 1 BTC satoshi) and 10 experience points.


However, the final amount you get depends on your current level, higher levels give more rewards. Faucet claim is one of the easiest tasks to do but the rewards are not that great. There are a few ads in this section and to claim again you will need to wait 30 minutes.


PTC ads are also available and they are a good way to earn some extra coins. Faucetcrypto has two types of ads one of 40s duration (rewards 30 coins) and 16s duration (rewards 15 coins).


The process to watch an ad is simple but a little annoying to be honest because here you have to complete two captchas instead of one. Click the watch button, solve an antibot captcha, wait until the timer runs out and finally complete the final captcha at the end. PTC ads are required to be in focus windows so you can't let them run in the background or minimize the browser tab.

If you believe that an advertisement is inappropriate for you, you can click on the report button.

Offerwall & Surveys

In this section of the website, several high paying offers and surveys are available. Any faucetcrypto user can participate in these third parties offers. Some offers have country restrictions and certain criteria have to be met, but you can get a huge amount of coins if you're eligible for the offers or surveys.


Remember that faucetcrypto makes use of third parties offers so it is not responsible for these tasks.

Complete Challenges

To motivate people faucetcrypto has challenges that can be achieved by completing certain required tasks. For example, reaching Level 50 rewards with 437 coins. Challenges can reward coins, experience points or items. Each challenge task has an expiration reset date.


The easiest challenge to complete is the daily visit challenge, you can complete this challenge daily, it rewards some coins and experience points. Just log in to the website and go to the challenge tab and there you can click on the claim button to get your coins, this challenge resets every 24 hours.

Referral Program

Faucetcrypto referral program is an easy way to get cryptos, just share your unique link with your friends or social media and earn 20% commission on their earnings. This referral commission does not affect the earnings of your referral users. For every task your referrals complete you also get 1 experience point.

Faucetcrypto Levels

One of the best features of faucetcrypto is the level system, similar to a RPG game, for every task you complete on the website you get rewarded with a certain amount of experience points, harder tasks give more exp.

Experience points make your progress level bar fill and when it is full you advance to the next level. New users always start at level one. For every level you accomplish your Bonus level also increases.


What does the bonus level do? It increases your reward multiplier which means that every task will reward you with more coins based on your actual multiplier, each successful level you reach will increase your reward multiplier by 0.125%. For example, the level 200 bonus multiplier is 25% which means you get 25% more profit for every task done.

Faucetcrypto Items

Faucetcrypto items are boost bonuses. They can be used to boost referral commission, items drop rates, etc. However, they only last for a certain number of tasks. Also, every item has a unique rarity of common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary or mythic.


For each task you have completed, you have a possibility to get a random item drop, you will find all items you have acquired in your inventory tab. If you want, you can sell or buy items for coins in the market section.

This is a cool and fun feature to boost your earnings. Additionally, items never expire or get deleted from your account which is great.

How to Withdraw on Faucetcrypto

Faucetcrypto supports 18 cryptocurrencies including the most popular ones like bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, etc. There are many different minimum required amounts for each crypto coin and fees.


However, only withdrawal to direct external wallets are available at the moment. Therefore you can't send the coins to faucetpay or similar microwallets. Faucetcrypto has a withdrawal limit of 35,000 Coins per day which increases with higher levels.

Is Faucetcrypto Legit or Scam?

Faucetcrypto is legit and it was been paying since 2017. It's a great crypto faucet website with a friendly user design and great crypto earning options.

If you like crypto faucets or just want to try out cryptocurrencies, this website is worth your time. Faucetcrypto has a great community and features that are worth it, we recommend you to check it out if you like to collect some free crypto coins.

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