Cryptocurrency faucets have come a long way since they appeared on the web. Now there are different types of crypto faucets and some of them even pay multiple cryptos in a single tab.

In this article, we will talk about coinpot a cryptocurrency faucet where you can earn a bunch of free crypto coins. If you want to know more about this faucet keep reading.

What Is

Coinpot is a multifaucet website from 2021, so it’s a fairly recent faucet. Coinpot design is nice, user friendly and responsive with some cool transition animations. It works great on both pc and smartphone devices.


Coinpot has the same name as the cointpot wallet that was closed years ago but they are two different websites just with the same name. Let’s take a look at how to earn with this multifaucet.

How to Earn With Coinpot?

In coinpot, you have many ways to earn coins. Some of the best tasks are the faucet claim, daily bonus, PTC surf, shortlinks, offerwalls, mining, crypto games and more.

Faucet Claim

With the faucet claim, you can earn free coins every 5 minutes. The reward for each claim is 50 coins and 1 experience point. The coins are the internal currency used by the website and they can be later on turned into cryptos of your choice.


The Faucet has a refresh timer of 5 minutes and you can make a max of 300 claims per day. Claiming from the faucet is really easy and you can also boost your claim by watching ads. The faucet has a clean design without too many ads and it’s the easiest way to earn coins on coinpot.

Daily Bonus

You can claim the free daily bonus every day and you will earn extra energy, experience bonus and experience points. To claim the daily bonus, just solve the captcha image puzzle, click the claim reward button and that’s it your reward will be added instantly to your account, pretty simple.


The daily bonus increase with every daily streak you made, just make sure not to miss a day or the daily streak bonus will be reset.

PTC Surf

Surf ads are another easy way to earn coins. The PTC ads pay from 10 to 60 coins. There are a lot of them available.


Every ad has its own timer depending on how much it pays and they need to be in focus mode for it to count as watched.


In the offerwalls section, you will mostly find surveys and offers that you can complete to earn large amounts of coins but there is also a PTC section.


Sadly, most offer panels required your account to be level 2 and some of them even level 10, before you can access these offers, which is a bit bummer.

After completing an offer it can take up to 48 to be credited to your balance but the website will show you the pending coins amount and current offer status.

In the shortlink wall, you can earn more than 1000 coins daily and a bunch of experience points for solving shortlinks. The links are refreshed every 24 hours, so if you complete all of them you will have to wait until they become available again.


The shortlinks reward coins and energy. What is energy? The energy will enable you to spin the wheel of fortunes. You can earn from 10 to 1000 coins by spinning the wheel. The wheel has a limit of 10 spins per day and for every spin, you need 25 energy.

Shortlinks give a lot of energy points (8 - 40 points), you can spin the wheel a few times by solving some of them. Shortlinks are a great way to earn extra coins and energy.

Browser Mining

Coinpot also lets you mine coins with your CPU. The amount of coins you will get depends on the power of your CPU hardware. Once you have mined at least 1000 coins you can transfer them to your balance.

Tasks & Achievements

To earn extra coins you can complete specific tasks like leaving a review on trustpilot, subscribing to youtube channels, joining telegram groups, etc. After a task is done you need to submit proof of work. Tasks pay big amounts of coins and they are not hard.


The achievements on the other hand are common tasks that can be completed by using the site. You will get coins and energy for each achievement, there is also a progress bar that you can check to see how more do you need to reach a specific achievement.


With the referral system, you can earn a commission for inviting new users to the website. Currently, the referral commission is 25% which is good but you need to log in every day to receive commissions and if you don’t login in for 30 days you will lose all of your referrals which is not good.

Crypto Games

Here you will find crypto games such as dice, coin flip and lottery in which you can place bets and gamble your coins if you want. As always, everything that involves gambling is always a risk so we don’t recommend you to use this feature and if you do so do it at your own risk.



There are also contests on the website where the most active users can get huge rewards. Contests last for a week and the rewards are paid in coins. Every user can participate in the contests and there are four types available, so you can choose the best suits your needs.


To withdraw on cointpot is simple but first, you need to verify your email address. Then you can choose between direct, faucetpay and coinex. The minimum withdrawal amount for faucetpay is only 1000 coins for most coins and there is no fee, so this is the best option.


You can withdraw in 12 different crypto coins including bitcoin, dash, litecoin, solana, dogecoin, etc. Faucetpay payments are instant but direct payments can take up to 2 – 4 days to be sent and the minimum required amount of coins is much higher than faucetpay (100000).

If you choose coinex you will have access to more than 30 cryptos and tokens like shiba inu, polkadot, uniswap, polygon, terra and much more. But the minimum withdrawal is still the same as the direct payment option.

Is Coinpot Legit?

Coinpot is a legit faucet that pays in multiple crypto coins with a lot of earning options. The website also has a payment proof section where you can check the last payments made. The website is currently paying and there are many reasons to believe in the legitimacy of this site.


Coinpot is a great multifaucet with a simple but intuitive design that entices users to complete tasks in exchange for coins. The name might sound familiar to you but don’t be confused this site doesn’t have anything to do with the old coinpot wallet.

Start earning cryptos by doing small tasks that are fun with a trusted faucet. If you want to earn multiple coins coinpot is worth it and you definitely should give it a shot.

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