Crypto faucets are a fantastic way to get free cryptocurrencies by completing simple tasks. In this day and age, getting a free cryptocurrency is an offer that no one can resist.

FireFaucet is one such platform where you can get free crypto without a lot of effort. This crypto earning site has been making waves in the crypto world and has a lot of rave reviews.

This post breaks down all the site's details and how you can earn different types of cryptocurrencies from this platform. Let's start.

What Is FireFaucet?

FireFaucet is a GPT or Get Paid To website where you get compensation for completing simple tasks such as surveys and watching ads. Unlike other platforms where you earn small rewards, the primary mode of payment on this site is cryptocurrency.


FireFaucet is different from other sites that payout crypto as it is an auto faucet. If you are not familiar with an auto faucet, it is one where you don't have to click links that take you to random sites. Since the platform is an auto faucet, the crypto coins will collect in your wallet automatically. The payout is also automatic and is one of their best features.

The site is also free of pop-ups and ads, which can be very annoying.

Is FireFaucet Legit?

Yes, FireFaucet is a legit auto faucet and has several great reviews on the internet. The crypto reward platform has been in operation since 2018 and has paid more than a quarter of a million to platform members worldwide.

Several users have posted screenshots of their earnings online as evidence. Therefore, you can Google these images from FireFaucet's users in case you are interested.

How to Earn With FireFaucet?

FireFaucet has several features through which you can earn free cryptocurrency online. But first, you need to have some ACP or Auto Claim Points available. ACP is similar to a level point.


ACP points start from 1 and increase as you continue working on the activities on the platform. With ACP, the auto faucet on the website keeps running, so you will continue earning free crypto coins until it runs out. But you can also keep earning the ACP by completing short tasks, which allows you to earn more.

How to Get ACP Points?

FireFaucet has a lot of earning options and tasks to get free ACP points, let's take a look at some of the best features that give ACP points.

Daily Tasks

The daily tasks include completing tasks such as short surveys and short offers. The website resets the tasks daily, and there is a set number you need to complete every day. After you complete the tasks, you can collect your reward.

FireFaucet rewards users with the most completed daily tasks with a certain number of ACPs as a prize.

ACP Faucet

FireFaucet also gives free ACP every 30 minutes, even if you don't complete a task. Click on the faucet tab and solve a captcha to get the free ACP. You can set the ReCaptcha option to make it easier to solve.


You can choose to exchange your ACP for cryptocurrency if you want. There is no additional fee for converting the ACP into crypto coins, so you can exchange your ACP tokens freely for a cryptocurrency of your choice, which is a great thing.

Viewing Ads

The website also allows you to earn ACP points by viewing short ads. To view the ads you will also need to solve an easy captcha to get the reward.


Click the 'visit site' button to view an ad and wait for the page to load, solve a captcha, and collect the crypto coins automatically in your wallet.


To maximize your earnings on this auto faucet, you can also check out the offerwalls. FireFaucet does not offer these tasks but ties up with third-party platforms to bring you these offers.


On the offerwalls, the tasks include downloading apps, answering a quiz or short surveys, watching a short video and so on. The rewards from the offerwalls are ACP, and you will earn 10% extra from the points, which is great.

However, the website has no control over the rewards from the offerwalls, so you need to understand the terms correctly. In addition, some rewards from the offerwalls can be immediate, while others may take some time to reflect in your wallet.


The website provides a unique link for every member on the platform. With this link, you can refer friends and people you know and earn 20% of their earnings. The referral commissions come from FireFaucet, so it does not affect your affiliate earnings in any way.

To increase your earning potential, FireFaucet also works with third-party sites so you can complete short surveys. Surveys need you to qualify certain criteria, but they are not tough.


You might also get disqualified from some surveys, but you can earn a decent amount of ACP from surveys if you qualify.

Happy Hour

FireFaucet also has a unique happy hour where you can earn 50% more bonus rewards every day. Happy Hour is not set, and it can happen randomly at different times every day. So keep checking the site to increase your earnings with the happy hour bonus.

Withdrawals on FireFaucet

FireFaucet has a daily withdrawal limit of $10, which is a bit of a bummer. Otherwise, the withdrawal process is effortless. The website supports several crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Binance BNB, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin and all other major cryptocurrencies, so you can pick the coin that suits your preference.


However, you can also choose to withdraw your earnings in the form of gift cards. FireFaucet supports gift cards from all major retailers, including eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Apple, and Google Play Store so you have a lot of options.


FireFaucet calls itself the best auto faucet, and it is absolutely right. This platform offers members to earn rewards and crypto coins in multiple ways without spending a lot of time and effort.

The site also supports major cryptocurrencies, which makes it very convenient. In addition, you can use the website on all devices including mobiles, making it very compatible and user-friendly.

FireFaucet is a legit website and has a global following. If you're serious about increasing your stash of crypto coins, this auto faucet is worth every minute you spend on the site.

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