After the surprising exit of Faucethub from the microwallet universe, crypto users were left with limited options. Thankfully, Faucetpay came to the rescue with added features and functionalities. This microwallet introduced a new platform to do almost anything with your cryptocurrencies.

So what is Faucetpay? What can you do with the Coin Swap feature? Which cryptocurrencies does Faucetpay support? Or, more specifically, is it legit?

This article will help you understand the platform and how it can help you manage your cryptocurrencies better. So without further ado, let's get started.

What Is Faucetpay and Is It Legit?

Faucetpay is a secure and legit microwallet website that allows users to store, earn or exchange cryptocurrencies from faucet sites. The platform shot to fame after Faucethub exited the microwallet universe in 2019, garnering attention from millions of crypto users.


The platform is secure and runs various safety protocols to ensure microtransactions on its site are legit and safe. You can send or receive payments using various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

What Fueled Faucetpay's Popularity?

After Faucethub closed in 2019, a void appeared in the microwallet world as users couldn't find an ideal platform to store their cryptocurrencies. Faucetpay developers took advantage of the situation and created a microwallet site to help crypto owners manage their assets.

Besides providing secure storage, the platform allowed users to earn cryptocurrencies. For instance, users can earn rewards through affiliated faucets like paid clicks or remunerated surveys. You can also play games like Limbo, Dice, and Crashes to multiply your crypto balance.


In short, the website introduced features that many crypto owners found appealing, thereby increasing its popularity instantly.

Faucetpay Microwallet Features

Here are some of the features that make Faucetpay one of the best microwallets options available right now.

Coin Swap Feature

One of the most significant factors that made Faucetpay appeal to crypto users is its coin swap feature. Since the platform supports payments from multiple faucets, you can swap the coins earned after completing different tasks to your preferred cryptocurrency.

For instance, suppose you completed a remunerated survey on a faucet website and earned Digibyte in reward. You can swap the coin into any other cryptocurrency like bitcoin, according to your preference. The coin swapping process is effortless and instant, you will have your preferred coin in no time.


However, the coin swapping feature may cost additional fees deducted from your balance for every crypto exchange you perform. In short, the coin swap feature is one of the best ways to expand your cryptocurrency portfolio and save you from market fluctuations.

Create Your Own Personalized Crypto Faucet

Besides earning from other faucet sites, Faucetpay allows users to create their own personalized crypto faucet website to maximize their income. The platform provides two ways to develop your faucet site - REST API and free faucet script. You can choose either of these guidelines to set your crypto faucet.

The REST API is ideal for developers and web admins as it provides all the guidelines and technical details to build your faucet from scratch. The API employed in this method is straightforward and comes with all the required parameters to help your faucet work smoothly.


You can add transaction methods, cryptocurrencies, error codes, or a list of the current faucets available to your code and display it on your site. In short, the REST API will help you create the perfect personalized crypto faucet to increase your cryptocurrency portfolio.

Likewise, non-developers can also create their faucet using the free faucet script provided by the platform, this is the easiest way to start a faucet. You can follow the guidelines provided in the faucet script to launch your faucet in no time. Since the script contains codes for every aspect of a faucet site, you will have no issues launching your crypto faucet with this API.


However, personalization options are not at par with the REST API, but what you get is more than enough to increase your crypto income.

Affiliate Program

One of the quickest and most reliable ways to maximize your earnings is using its affiliate program. For instance, if a user joins the platform using your link and deposits some amount while playing BTC games, you will earn a reward. Likewise, the platform rewards users when their referrals complete tasks like surveys.

Withdrawals and Supported Coins

The platform's withdrawal methods are quick and effortless, and you will have your payments within hours. The website offers two withdrawal methods - instant or standard. However, you will have to reach the minimum threshold to initiate a withdrawal.


For instance, if you want to cash out instantly, you will have your money within minutes, but instant withdrawal requires higher fees for processing. Likewise, you can choose the standard withdrawal process to cash out with a lower processing fee.

Faucetpay supports 13 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Dash, Litecoin, and Digibyte.

How to Earn Using Faucetpay

The platform has a dedicated earn section that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies through multiple options. Here are the options you can use to earn cryptocurrencies on the website.

Faucet list - The platform combines a list of over 100 faucets every day, allowing users to claim rewards.

Offerwall - This section provides different tasks like downloading apps and playing games. Users can earn rewards after completing a task.

Surveys - The platform partners with top survey providers like Pollfish to help users earn extra rewards.

Paid to Click - Bitcoin PTC or Paid to Click rewards users after clicking on sponsored ads. These ads are usually 7 to 15 seconds long and provide satoshis as a reward. However, you will have to wait for the next day after you complete all the PTC ads for a current day.

Multiply BTC - The multiply BTC section contains betting games where users can place bets to earn rewards. These games include Dice, Crashes, Limbo, Roulette, and Plinko.

What Is FEY Feyorra?

FEY Feyorra is an in-house crypto token developed by Faucetpay. The microwallet allows users to swap other cryptocurrencies to Feyorra or stake FEY to earn more annual profits. However, it would be best to evaluate market trends and fluctuations before staking FEY tokens on the website.

Final Thought

So is Faucetpay a legit platform? Although Faucetpay may be amateur in the microwallet universe, it offers various features that help users store, exchange and earn cryptocurrencies. However, unregulated trading platforms still involve risks, and it would be best to evaluate the platform before investing in it.

If you use crypto faucets a lot then this website is one of the most essential to be registered because almost all faucets today use it as a payment option, so don't wait anymore and start earning with Faucetpay microwallet.

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