Looking for the best ways to earn free satoshis online? Take a look at satoshi win - a new bitcoin faucet with a unique reward system and many ways to earn.

What is satoshi.win and how can you get bitcoins with this faucet? This article will review the site and all its features including the lucky spin, lottery system, surveys, payments and much more. Without further ado let's get started.

What Is Satoshi.win?

Satoshi.win is a new bitcoin faucet where you can earn a lot of free satoshis and it was created in the year 2021. The website has a design reminiscent of cryptowin and both faucets work similarly (probably from the same owners). To earn satoshis on this site is pretty easy, let’s see more about the ways you can earn in satoshi win.


How to Earn on Satoshi.win?

With this website you have a lot of options to earn satoshis, the most common way to earn is with the faucet and the lucky spin. Let’s see more about these features in the next section.

Lucky Spin

The lucky spin wheel can be spun daily and you will earn satoshis based on your luck. With the daily free wheel, you can earn from 2- 10 satoshis and free lottery tickets. But there is also a possibility that you don’t win anything if the spin wheel land on the lose spot and this is what happens most of the time.


Besides the daily free wheel there is also another wheel called the gold wheel. The gold wheel is a paid option and if you want to use it you have to pay a fee of 100 satoshis. This option is similar to the satoshihero paid fortune wheel. Here the prizes are much better than the free wheel, you can earn from 25 satoshis to 250,000 satoshis if lucky.

We recommend you to only use the free lucky spin wheel as the gold wheel is not worth what you paid for it because most of the time you will only get a low reward of 25 – 50 satoshis.

Reward Faucet

The reward section in satoshi.win is essentially a faucet where you can earn from 2 to 6 satoshi every 15 minutes. The faucet is the best way to earn free satoshis but the payout is low.


The claiming process is simple, just go to the reward section located at the top of the site (orange button). Then you just need to solve a simple captcha and click the get your reward button. Finally, the website will show you how much satoshis you earned and a faucet timer cooldown will start running, when it is finished – you can claim again.


Another sure way to earn on satoshi.win is with the surveys. The surveys are usually 10 – 20 minutes long but they pay a lot of bitcoins. Some of them may have additional requirements and you need to qualify first.


If you want to earn high amounts of satoshi and withdraw faster, surveys are the best option.


To participate in the daily lottery you need tickets.

There are many ways to acquire tickets:

• You can purchase them with your balance. Each ticket has a cost of 1 satoshi.

• When you spin the daily wheel you have an opportunity to get a free lottery ticket.

• Buying any package will grant you a lot of tickets.

The lottery winner is selected after a round ends every 24 hours. The price for a ticket is cheap but you will most probably earn nothing with the lottery and the prizes are not great either.


Referring people to the website is another good option to earn. By bringing new people to the site you can get some good advantages including free tickets, free spins and recurring commissions.


Just start sharing your referral link with friends or social media platforms and watch your satoshis increase without doing too much work.


You can also buy packages in satoshi.win, they are like memberships that give you more benefits and advantages when using the website. Each package has a different price, duration and benefits. There are 3 packages in total that you can purchase with your balance.


If you want to earn more with satoshi win the packages might be worth the try. The cheapest package has a cost of 5000 satoshis and is valid for 2 months but it doesn’t have the weekly or monthly bonus.

The other two packages have a cost of 10000 and 50000 respectively. You can get bonus free tickets and bonus free spins (every week and month) with one of these packages.

Earn Interest

To earn interest on the website you have to deposit satoshis. The minimum amount you need to invest is 1000 satoshis. Faucetpay deposits are also available and they are an easy way to send BTC to your internal balance. You will earn 0.7% daily interest and you also need to choose the lock time between 90 days or 180 days. Interest is paid every day at midnight UTC.


Keep in mind that every feature that requires an investment on your part always involves a risk and our recommendation is to avoid this feature and just use the other ones to earn.


The minimum withdrawal amount you need to have is only 1000 satoshis and faucetpay microwallet is the only payment option available.


The website has a low minimum payout threshold and by using the faucet or surveys you can get to that amount pretty quick and without problems. After requesting a payment they are sent instantly to your faucetpay account.

Is Satoshi.win Legit?

Satoshi win might be a new faucet but it’s legit and is currently paying. The website also has a payout section where you can check the last payments sent to users.


Satoshi.win is a user friendly bitcoin faucet where users can earn free satoshis in multiples ways. The website design is nice and it’s similar to cryptowin. It has some fun earning features like the lucky spin or lottery.

The site is really easy to use and claiming from the faucet is simple. If you want to earn free satoshi online, satoshi.win if one of the best options available and you won't be disappointed. Register now and start earning bitcoins easily.

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