With plenty of bitcoin faucets in the market, it is evident that the crypto craze is booming to its full potential. But how do we know if it is legit or a scam? Or how do we register to win? Which faucet is reliable? Such questions can trigger our curiosity, and therefore, today, we are here to unravel the answers to all these questions.

Among the many, we'll be reviewing Freebitcoin today. With plenty of bitcoin faucets, this site stands out. It is one of the oldest bitcoin faucets and one of the most trusted ones in the market.

Let us look at what it has to offer, how to register, and everything there is to know about freebitcoin.


Freebitcoin was founded in the year 2013. It works on both PC and Android devices. It is one of the most trusted faucets, with over 30 million users.

This platform provides features such as lotteries, games, contests, etc. These allow you to earn bitcoins every day for free.


The faucet feature of freebitcoin allows registered users to generate satoshi by solving and completing captchas. These satoshis can later be turned into bitcoin.

How to Earn Bitcoins

On this website, you can earn bitcoins in several ways. Some of them are:

Reward Points

The reward points feature is insane. Users can trade it for items such as headsets, smartphones, lottery tickets, gift cards, hardware wallets, etc.

In order to receive reward points:

1) Bitcoins must be claimed every 60 minutes with the faucet.

2) Use or play a Hi-Lo betting game.

3) Use the platform during the weekends to claim more reward points.

Doing such trivial activities on Freebitcoin helps the user achieve reward points.

Win a Lambo

This sounds highly tempting. Who would not want to win a Lambo for free?

On this platform, the win a Lambo feature allows you to participate in a golden ticket contest. With this golden ticket, you get the offer to be selected as one of the winners of a real Lamborghini. The Lamborghini offered to the winner is the Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2.


To be eligible to win the contest, the user must purchase tickets using bitcoin or win golden tickets by betting or playing HI-Lo games. If you do not wish to own the Lambo, you can also exchange it for USD 200,000 in bitcoins.

Betting Options

With freebitcoin, you have access to several betting options. Using the bitcoins from this app, you can bet on sports events such as rugby, cricket, football, basketball, and F1. You can also bet on politics and bitcoin prices prediction. The betting starts from 1 satoshi to millions of bitcoins.


The great thing about this betting option is that you have the opportunity to win a bet and, for every 0.00000500 bitcoin that you used to bet, you get a reward point and a lottery ticket. This means your bet never goes to waste. It is such a fantastic feature that allows you to win bets, golden tickets, and lotteries.

Earn Interest

At this platform, if you deposit your bitcoin in the freebitcoin wallet, you get an annual interest of 4.08% on your balance.

Isn't it such a great deal? You're not just betting and hopeful of winning a golden ticket, but you can also save your bitcoin on interest.


The ground rule to this is that your account must have a minimum balance of 30,000 satoshis. If there is 30,000 satoshi in your account, you are eligible to receive the 4.08% interest.

There is no specific time period to withdraw the money; you can cash out anytime while earning additional income.

Wheel of Fortune Tickets

The wheel of fortune is a recent feature rolled out by the platform. In this feature, every user that plays the game wins something for sure. It has massive prizes such as Amazon gift cards, Smartphones, Golden tickets, Lottery tickets, and many more.

In order to participate, you need to be a registered user and be subscribed to all the promotional emails of the platform. Once this is done, open the recent promotional mailer from your mailbox. There will be a coupon at the bottom of the mail.


These coupons will enable you to spin the wheel of fortune. Click the coupon to active it, enter the designated captcha, and you're done. You can now start spinning and winning.

Fun Tokens

Fun tokens allow users to unlock programs on the launch date itself instantly. The value of a fun token is much higher than any ticket. It has more advantages and provides more benefits.

The fun tokens are only available to the premium subscribers of the platform. So, if you're a free user, you are not eligible to own any fun token. That means the premium members have access to betting earlier, more free spins, more cashback, and other benefits.


These are some of the many features that are available on freebitcoin. All of these features provide excellent prizes, full entertainment, and also passive income. But this may lead to the question of how to withdraw your bitcoin. Payments are made, and it can be withdrawn quickly.


If you wish to withdraw the savings or bitcoins collected on freebitcoin, you'll need to set your bitcoin address in your profile. This is a paying faucet, and to withdraw, the minimum balance is 0.00030000 bitcoins. With the address set and the minimum balance approved, you can withdraw the balance.

There are three withdrawal options:

1. Slow: This will take 6 to 24 hours for your payment to arrive.

2. Instant: With this option, payments will arrive within 15 minutes.

3. Auto: The payment will be made every Sunday in the auto option.


Freebitcoin is a very reliable bitcoin faucet that works and genuinely pays its users. The question about, is it legit or scam? Can be answered by the number of registered users who trust and use this platform. So if earning bitcoin interests you, you can use this site to start your crypto journey.

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