Bitcoin faucets have become an innovative way to get free bitcoins on the web. They are a convenient way to earn free cryptocurrencies at a fast rate but in small amounts and with bitcoin gaining more value than ever, they have become a good source for extra earnings.

In this post, we will take a look at one of these bitcoin faucets - coinadster. Let's see what this site is all about and if it's worth your time.

What Is Coinadster?

Coinadster is a bitcoin faucet where you earn free satoshis in a form of Bits. What are Bits? They are just a custom token or currency used by the site, 10 Bits = 1 satoshi. The website is built with a common faucet script found in other similar sites, so you may be already familiar with the Bits currency.

How to Earn Bits on Coinadster

Coinadster offers several ways to acquire free Bits. Here are some of the most popular features of the site that can be used to earn this currency.

Roll the Faucet

The Easiest way to earn with coinadster is by using the faucet. Claiming from the faucet can yield anything from 10 - 80 Bits. The amount you get depends on the number you roll between 1 - 99999. The higher the number the more Bits you get. But keep in mind that most of the time you will be rolling low so you will be getting between 10 - 20 Bits, which is not impressive.


The faucet refreshes every 10 min until you can roll again. If you are an active member you can earn more and increase your earnings with faucet levels. Let's explain how these levels work.

Faucet Levels

Coinadster has different faucet levels each with its own requirements. For example, Level 1 is the starter level and it has the default faucet multiplier of x1.0, for level 2 it's required to have total claims of 1000 and the multiplier increases to x1.05. For the faucet level 3 5000 claims are required and the multiplier for this level is set at x1.10 (this means you get 10% more Bits with every claim).


There are in total 5 levels for you to reach. Faucet levels are a good feature for active members but the effort it needs and the rewards you get at the end it's not really worth it in my opinion, still a good way to increase your earnings just by claiming.

The typical shortlinks found in other faucets are also available on this site as a way to earn some extra Bits. The process is simple, just click on the visit button, solve the captcha and claim your reward. Shortlinks sites are often full of ads and they can be very annoying so keep that in mind if you want to use this feature.


The minimum amount you can get by solving a shortlink is 18 Bits and the maximum is 35. There are in total 43 daily shortlinks to solve and they reset every day.


Earning Bits by viewing short ads is also an option. The site pays for every ad you watch. There are not too many of them available unfortunately and every ad required to be in focus with a captcha needed to be submitted at the end of every ad just to check that you are not a bot.


Referral System

Coinadster has a simple referral system where you can earn bitcoin by inviting people to the site, just share your unique referral link generated by the site with your friends or on social media and earn 10% of their earnings. The percentage referral amount you earn depends on your current active membership.


Earn With the Offerwall

Coinadster also has an offerwall on the site. There are some offers and surveys available in this section. However, here you earn credits instead of Bits for every offer you complete. Credits can be exchanged for Bits in a ratio of 1 credit = 0.2 Bits.


Besides this mentioned earning features, coinadster have also active contests, a lottery system where you can buy tickets with your internal balance, achievements for completing certain actions and an investment game where you can wager your Bits and try to predict if the price of the bitcoin will be lower or higher in the next upcoming 5 min if you win you get x1.5 of the total bet amount.

Coinadster Memberships

Coinadster has four total memberships available: Basic, Silver, Gold and Diamond, each with its own features and advantages. For new users the default membership is set to basic which is a free membership. The Diamond membership is the highest available and it has a cost of 0.00070 BTC per month.


Diamond membership features included an increased faucet multiplier x10, referral commission of 30% instead of 10% of the basic and for every shortlink you get an extra 30% on your earnings. Memberships can be paid with the internal balance of the website or by transferring funds with faucetpay to your balance account.

How to Withdrawal on Coinadster

Coinadster has 2 withdrawal options available at the moment, you can send your coins to a direct bitcoin wallet or faucetpay. For direct payments, the minimum required amount is set to 0.00020000 BTC which is high.


Faucetpay payment on the other hand requires only a minimum of 0.00000500 BTC, this is the best option if you want to withdraw faster and the payments are sent instantly without any fees.

Is Coinadster Legit or Scam?

Coinadster is a legit bitcoin platform, it has an easy-to-use faucet script. There is also a payments section on the website where you can see the last payments that have been sent to their users recently.

The amount of bitcoins you earn in this website is not that high compared to other popular faucets like cointiply but coinadster has a lot of extra features and earning possibilities that made this site a great option. So if you are looking for a genuine bitcoin faucet that pays, coinadster is definitely worth checking out.

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