What is yannik and how you can earn with it? What features does it have or is it legit? This faucet has been around since 2015 and is one of the oldest.

If you want to start earning bitcoin with a trusted faucet. In this article, we will review yannik - an old bitcoin and IOTA faucet with a unique reward feature in which you decide when to claim. Let's begin with this review.

What Is Yannik.biz?

Yannik is one of the oldest bitcoin faucets along with freebitcoin. It was created in 2015 and there are currently more than 50,000 registered users. The site doesn’t contain too many ads which is one of the things you have to consider when choosing a faucet.


Yannik is mainly a bitcoin faucet but also has an IOTA faucet where users can earn free IOTA cryptocurrency. The website design looks a little old but it has good functionality and everything works smoothly.

Earning Features

The website has similar earning features to other crypto faucets. Claiming bitcoin is a little different from others sites as you can decide when you want to claim and you don’t have a specific timer. In addition to these features yannik also has surveys & offers, betting games, ptc ads and earn interest section.

Let’s see how you can earn bitcoin and IOTA with yannik.

Bitcoin Faucet

This is the most appealing feature. The bitcoin faucet doesn’t have a timer and you can claim whenever you want, but it must have passed at least 10 minutes since your last claim, the longer you wait the more satoshis you will get.


The faucet will show you the claim rates with all the values in satoshi that you can get for a specific period of time, for example claiming after 30 minutes rewards with 3 satoshis while claiming after 4 hours rewards with 5 satoshis. The claim rates are frequently adjusted according to the current crypto prices.

In the end, the choice is yours if you want to earn a big amount of satoshis but wait longer or earn small amounts in short periods and consistently.

IOTA Faucet

The IOTA faucet claiming system works similarly to most faucets. First, you need to solve a captcha and roll a number. The reward will depend on the number you roll between 0-10000. The final value is determined by your loyalty bonus.


If you have used popular bitcoin faucets like freebitcoin or cointiply, then you are already familiar with this rolling system. The IOTA cryptocurrency is unknown to many people but it’s a good crypto coin and with yannik you got the opportunity to earn some at no cost.


Paid to click ads are another option to earn but there are only a few of them and the payment is poor 2-3 satoshis. The ad duration is usually around 5-15 seconds and you can only earn in BTC satoshis(IOTA is not available).

The ptc ads are not worth your time, the payout is so little and the ads have focus mode forcing you to see it to the end.

Surveys & Offers

The offerwalls and surveys provide different offers panels where you can earn a considerable amount of satoshis. Most offers are available for all countries but some of them have restrictions.


If you want to earn a lot of bitcoins and cash out quickly in yannik, surveys and offers are the best options but they take way more time to complete and not all people can qualify. Surveys and offers are not instantly credited upon completion and they require more time until they are approved.

Loyalty Bonus

The loyalty bonus is granted to users who are active members. When you complete at least one task on the site e.g. claiming, surveys, view ads, etc. your loyalty bonus increases by 1% for every consecutive day until it reaches 100%.

If you miss one day without doing any task your loyalty bonus will be reset to 0%. This loyalty bonus increases the reward you get for both the bitcoin faucet and the IOTA faucet up to 100% meaning that the amount you earn will be double. The loyalty bonus is a great feature and a good way to earn extra satoshis.

Faucet Safe

The faucet safe is similar to a bank account, here you can transfer your account balance and earn an annual interest of 4%. Yannik also allows deposits and they are made via coinbase.


This is an interesting feature if you want to earn interest and passive income. But note that once you transfer your balance to the faucet safe you will not be able to get it back. The interest is paid daily and you need to claim it manually in your faucet safe every day.

Multiply Games

Multiply games include betting games like slots and dice where you can increase or lose your bitcoins. Only bitcoin can be used to gamble in these games and an IOTA dice game was supposed to be available soon by looks like it’s not going to be released any time soon.

This feature is not recommended and if you use it remember to only bet what you can afford to lose.

Referral System

Yannik has a referral system of 25% commission for referring new people to the site and you will earn additional income whenever your referrals use the site and claim from the faucet.


To withdraw your balance, you need to reach the minimum payout amount first. For bitcoin is 30,000 satoshis and for IOTA you need to have at least 1 MIOTA (1 Million IOTA) to start the withdrawal process. The minimum withdrawal amount is high but if you take advantage of the loyalty bonus and offers & surveys you can get there quickly.


You can only withdraw to external wallets and there is an additional fee you have to pay. For sending bitcoin there is a fee of 500 satoshis. On the other hand, sending IOTA has zero fees. Payments are sent within the next 3 working days but on rare occasions, they can take up to 14 days.

Is Yannik.biz Legit?

Yes, it’s a legit website. Yannik is one of the most trusted bitcoin and IOTA faucets with many years in operation. Since its creation in 2015 until now, this faucet has been paying its users daily, so there is no doubt about its legitimacy.


With yannik users have the opportunity to earn free bitcoin and IOTA. The website design is not bad but could be improved. It has some interesting features like the loyalty bonus, faucet safe and most important - you are the one who decides when and how often to claim.

If you want to earn bitcoin or IOTA with a trusted faucet then look no further, yannik is one of the best options available right now.

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