Cryptocurrency is a valuable digital asset that has gained huge popularity in recent years. The easiest way to get free cryptocurrencies on the web is through crypto faucets.

This post will take an in-deep look at Satoshihero a really cool bitcoin faucet website that can help you earn some free bitcoins online. Let's take a look.

What Is Satoshihero?

Satoshihero is a website that gives free bitcoins to every registered user. These types of sites are called faucets and they are popular these days because they made cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone.


There is another faucet similar to Satoshihero called satoshi monster, it's from the same owners and you can use both sites to get more coins since they share the same balance you can maximize your earnings using both faucets.

How to Earn on Satoshihero

If you're wondering how you can earn bitcoin with this faucet, Satoshihero has many rewarding options, below we will take a look and review some of these tasks.

Spin the Wheel

This is the faucet feature where you can earn free coins, it is similar to other faucet sites where you click the roll button and you win a specific number of satoshis based on your luck. But here you need to play a little minigame - spin the wheel.

In this section you can try your luck and earn some satoshis in return, just click on the spin now button which is located at the top of the site and get a prize in BTC between 3 - 250,000 satoshis depending on where the wheel landed, you can't lose in this minigame.


There are two types of wheel (they are called fortune wheel), free fortune wheel and paid fortune wheel.

The Free wheel as the name implies is free to use and you don't have to pay anything to use it. However, there is only one limitation, you can only spin the free wheel every 30 minutes and there is a small captcha at the end that you need to solve.

For the paid fortune wheel you need to pay a small fee of 100 satoshis to use it. The main difference is that the paid option has better rewards or prizes. But keep in mind that the probability to get a good prize or reward is still the same as the free option - low, we don't recommend paying or using this feature.

It's better to stick with the free wheel and see your bitcoin accumulate over the time.

Offers and Surveys

Completing offers or surveys is one of the best ways to earn a high amount of bitcoin fast on Satoshihero. Some surveys pay a lot of coins and they are not too hard to complete. If you are interested in earning the most with this faucet, offers and surveys are the best options.


Invite Friends

Satoshihero has a great referral program where you can earn by inviting people to the site. For every people you invite, you can earn half of their earnings 50% which is nice. Keep in mind that this doesn't affect their earnings in any way which means they will not earn less.


To get your referral link just navigate to the referral section at the bottom of the site, there you can copy your unique link and share it with your friends and start earning without effort.

Slot Games

Satoshihero has also a slots games section, here you can find casino-style slots games where you can gamble your bitcoins from your balance. The website also accepts deposits to top up your balance, you can deposit in more than 10 popular cryptocurrencies, any cryptocurrency you send will be automatically converted to bitcoin and will be added to your balance after one network confirmation.


Beware of this feature, if you want to gamble your cryptos it is better to use a reputable casino instead of this site where the risk will be minimum, use this feature at your own risk.


To withdraw your balance you have two payment options available: payment to external wallets and faucetpay microwallet. External wallet payment has a minimum required threshold of 30,000 satoshis and for faucetpay payment, it is only 10,000.


So the best payment option is faucetpay because you can withdraw your balance faster and earn more. Since Satoshihero is a bitcoin faucet you can only request payments in bitcoin currency.

Satoshihero Is Legit or Scam?

Satoshihero is legit and has been paying for many years. The faucet went live in 2016 and since then the site has been active and improving. One of the best things about the site is that there are no ads that can be really annoying or contain viruses and malware.

Satoshihero is one of the best bitcoin faucets you can find, it is easy-to-use, user-friendly and with a nice-looking design. Highly recommended if you want to earn some free bitcoins in your free time.

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