Many new faucet websites that can be used to earn free cryptocurrencies on the web have appeared over the years. Some of them quickly turn into scams but some others are here to stay.

In this post, we will talk about one bitcoin faucet site in particular - Satoshi monster. Let's see what this website is actually about.

What Is Satoshi Monster?

Satoshi monster is a bitcoin faucet and the sister site of satoshihero, these two faucets are practically the same and from the same owners. However, there is an advantage in using this website along with satoshihero.


You can check the satoshihero review for more information about this faucet. We will see in a moment what is this advantage.

How to Earn With Satoshi Monster

Satoshi monster has the same earning features as satoshihero. The free wheel or the winning zone - this is the faucet section where you will get most of your bitcoin satoshis as a free user, with this little game you can earn between 3 to 250,000 satoshis every 30 minutes. But most of the time you will be getting 3 - 10 satoshis, so the payout is not that great and the probability to get a good prize is low.


However, if you want to earn more, surveys and offers are a great option because you can earn instant high amounts of free bitcoins for every successfully completed task.

You can also earn by referring friends or people to the website, the referral commission is high at 50% and every referral you may have in your satoshihero account will also be counted.

Satoshi Monster Strategy

Since satoshi monster and satoshihero share the same accounts, you can register on both websites and your balance will be linked between the two sites. What does this mean? Well, you can increase your faucet reward by 2x just claiming from both faucets simultaneously and your profit will be double, this is a really good strategy if you want to earn a lot of satoshis with these faucets.

By using both faucets you can get to the minimum required payout threshold faster. This is a great way to earn extra bitcoins just by claiming twice every time the faucet refreshed on both sites.


When the faucet refreshes and the wheel is ready again you will see a message at the top of the website next to the wheel icon saying "Free Wheel is ready", just click on that button to spin again.

Is Satoshi Monster Legit?

Yes, Satoshi monster is a legit website, the faucet was created as an alternative to satoshihero. They have been active and paying for quite some time. Every user has the opportunity to get some bitcoins in exchange for some simple tasks.

One important thing to mention about the site is that it doesn't have any ads or hidden crypto miners, making it very safe to use.

Withdrawals and Deposits

To withdraw from the website you can choose faucetpay payment or standard btc payment. For faucetpay the minimum required threshold is just 10,000 satoshis and for standard address payment, it is set to 30,000 which is high.

Once you have requested a payment you need to confirm it by clicking a special link that will be sent to your registered email, after confirmed it will be sent to your wallet the next day.


Satoshi monster also allows deposits to your balance, you can send any crypto amount in the cryptocurrency of your choice and it will be automatically converted to btc.

The deposit balance can be used to play or gamble in various bitcoin games (Slots machines) available on the site. Be aware that this feature is not recommended as mentioned in the previous post.


Satoshi monster is a nice and friendly faucet that is exactly the same as satoshihero just with a different name and logo. The accounts are shared among the sites making it a convenient way to increase your earnings.

The best part about this is that you can earn a lot of free satoshis by being registered on both sites, if you like bitcoin faucets then this website is perfect for you.

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