Over the years, many new crypto faucet sites have appeared on the web. A faucet provides different ways to earn free crypto and is one of the easiest methods to start earning free cryptocurrencies online but unfortunately, there are also plenty of scam websites that are not safe.

Bithub.win is a crypto faucet site with some really cool features and it’s very easy to use. If you want to know more about bithub, this article will cover all the website’s features and how you can start earning with it.

What Is Bithub.win?

Bithub is a multifaucet website, the script used by the site is user friendly and easy to navigate through the website with some nice animations. The faucet design is pretty cool with a space style theme.


The site doesn’t display too many ads which is an important thing for user experience. Bithub was created two years ago in 2020, but it’s currently active and has gained a large number of users since then.

How to Earn With Bithub.win?

When you sign up for bithub you will enter your dashboard. From there you can check your account balance, total energy, referrals and you can start earning by using some of the many ways that bithub provides to its users. Let’s see some of them.

Manual Faucet

In the manual faucet, you can claim free coins. The current number of coins you can get with every claim is 1111. There is no limit on the number of claims you can do per day and the captcha is really easy to complete, just remember to solve the antibot test before hitting the claim button.


The manual faucet is the easiest way to earn coins but the amount you get is not that much. However, it’s still one of the best features to earn coins quickly.


Pay to click ads are another way to earn but the payout is lower than the faucet. Most ads pay only 250 coins and they last 5 seconds. There are a total of 17 ads to watch and bithub also allows users to create their own ads in exchange for coins, so you can advertise a product or website if you want.


Although the ads pay less than the faucet, they are a good way to earn extra coins. When you watch a PTC ad, the browser window needs to be in focus and you are not allowed to close or exit the window.


With this option, you can earn large amounts of coins by completing offers. There are different kinds of offers like surveys, games, apps, videos and more. The payout is good but some offers might take up to 30 days to be credited to your balance.


In the offerwall you can find the bitswall. This offer panel is similar to PTC ads and you get rewarded coins in exchange for visiting websites. Bitswall ads pay a lot more than the normal PTC ads but they also have a longer duration.

Auto Faucet

The autofaucet feature on bithub let you claim coins automatically and these coins will be added to your balance instantly. To start the autofaucet first you need to have energy points in your account, if you don’t have energy points you can get them by solving shortlinks.

The autofaucet runs until you run out of energy points and 1 autofaucet claim required 7 energy points.

The shortlinks section is a great way to earn a lot of coins and energy for the autofaucet. You can get up to 4000 coins and 20 energy points per shortlink. A lot of shortlinks are available every day (158 in total) and you can do multiple shortlinks at the same time without any problem.


The best thing about shortlinks is that users can rate them. This way you can choose the ones that are worth your time based on the rating and stay away from those with a negative rating.


Achievements are daily tasks that users need to accomplish in order to get extra coins and energy. Some of them are easy but some are harder therefore the reward is better. Be sure to keep checking this page to check your progress and to claim any achievements you have completed.

Lottery Tickets

You can also participate in a lottery game by purchasing tickets. The tickets have a high cost of 11,111 coins each. The lottery lasts one week until a winner is selected. You need to be lucky to win anything here and the cost of a ticket is not cheap.

Referral Program

Bithub pays a high referral commission for every new user who signs up to the site. Currently, this value is 55% which is above the average. This is a good way to earn extra coins by inviting friends or people.


Bithub.win Is Legit?

Yes, the website is legit and it’s currently paying. It also has many positive reviews on trustpilot from satisfied users who use this platform every day to collect cryptos. Bithub multi faucet is a great platform to earn multiples cryptos.

Withdraw and Deposits

Bithub supports 13 cryptocurrencies and to withdraw your coins on the site you have many payment options including faucetpay, direct wallet, Binance and Coinbase. Faucetpay doesn’t have a minimum amount but other payment methods have a minimum amount that you need to have before you can initiate a withdrawal.


Our recommendation is to choose faucetpay payment if you wish to get paid instantly without any fee.

You can also send deposits to the website, the minimum deposit amount is 5000 coins. This deposit balance can be used to advertise your ad or website in the PTC section.


Bithub.win is a great multi faucet website with a unique design and it allows registered users to earn cryptos with various tasks that are fun and engaging.

It’s one of the easiest crypto faucets to use and you can cash out as low as 1 satoshi to faucetpay. If you want to earn free cryptos the easy way, bithub has some of the best features we have seen and it’s worth checking out.

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