If you want to earn free crypto coins automatically, auto faucets are the best option. Autofaucet.org is an auto faucet website with amazing features and various ways to earn.

With autofaucet.org you can earn lots of coins with a single click and you can also increase your earnings by getting level points to reach higher faucet levels.

This article will review this site and we will show you how you can earn, which cryptocurrencies you can get, payment options, etc.

What Is Autofaucet.org?

Autofaucet.org is an auto faucet where you can collect free coins automatically or manually if you prefer. The site supports an impressive number of cryptocurrencies (41 types of cryptos). The website has been active for several years and it was created in 2018.


The website has a nice and attractive design. Among the best features, we can highlight the instant withdrawal and the instant exchange. To start using the auto faucet just click the get started button. This will open a new tab where you can start the registration process.

Fill in the necessary details like username, email, then solve recaptcha and you are ready to go. You can now start earning with some of the amazing earning features that this faucet provides its users, let’s take a look.

How to Earn With Autofaucet.org?

With this site, you can earn coins in more than one way. The website makes use of a custom token named “FCT”. This token is the main currency used by the site as it allows you to use the auto claim and the manual claim features.

To earn FCT tokens you can complete various tasks including, shortlinks, mining, offerwall, bonus codes, referrals, etc. Let’s review some of the most profitable earning options.

Auto Claim

The auto claim is basically the auto faucet feature, here you can get instant crypto payouts to your faucetpay account or if the coin is not supported by faucetpay it will be added to your internal balance. Before you can start the auto faucet you need to select the crypto coins of your preference from a list, payout option, frequency and payment boost.


The available payout options are credit (internal balance) and faucetpay. The first option gives a bonus of 1% more coins. If you choose another payment boost than x1 you will have to pay more FCT tokens. For the frequency, if you choose a higher timer than 2 minutes you will get bonus coins up to 2% more coins.

You can set these options at you per your needs but our recommendation is to leave the default setting as they are the most balanced and optimal.

Manual Claim

With the manual claim, you can convert your FCT tokens to cryptos and they will be added to your balance instantly. The manual claim is ideal for people who do not want to wait and just want to get their coins without having to use the auto claim feature.


You can convert any amount of tokens you want and there is no limit. Every 60 FCT tokens you convert you will earn 6 level points. The points level helps you reach new auto faucet levels and when you reach a new level your bonus multiplier increases.


The bonus multiplier is a value that increases the number of coins you get with each auto claim. The default level 1 multiplier is x0.001. This value will increase when you have enough level points for a new level.

This is a convenient feature to get coins instantly but keep in mind that the final amount you get will be less than the auto claim.

To earn FCT tokens you can solve shortlinks, they are links that you need to visit and submit a captcha at the end, but some shortlinks might require additional steps.

By solving a shortlink you earn up to 120 FCT and 50 level points. There are a set number of links that you can visit every day. There are in total 115 links. If you complete all the shortlinks you will need to wait 24 hours until they reset and become active again.


Shortlinks are one of the best ways to earn tokens on this site but be careful because some links might not be suitable for all people and they can contain NSFW content, so be sure to check the tags next to each link for more information about the shortlink: reward amount, number of steps, popup and more.

Mining Tokens

The website also allows you to mine FCT tokens and for this you have many options – browser miner, GUI miner and website plugin. Browser mining is the weakest option as it uses your CPU to mine and on the other hand, the GUI miner makes use of your GPU which is better.


When you start the miner you will mine hashes and the amount you get will depend on your hash rate. This hash rate is based on the power of your CPU or GPU. You can then convert these hashes to FCT tokens and 5263 hashes are equal to 1 FCT token. If you have a powerful CPU or GPU this option might be worth a try but you will get better results with the GUI miner.


This option unfortunately is not available for everyone. You need to have a minimum account of level 10 to access the offers. Surveys and offers pay a lot of tokens.


Additionally, for every offer you complete you also get 70 level points. You need to follow the offers instructions carefully and some of them might take some time before they are credited. The offerwall is the best option to get a lot of tokens, is such a shame that not all users can access it from the start.

Bonus Codes

With the bonus codes, you can get free tokens as simple as that. If you have a bonus code you can just paste it into the input box and hit the redeem button. You can find these promo codes in the website’s social media accounts and when you redeem a code the free tokens will be added to your account instantly.


For referring people the website pays a commission rate of 20% whenever you referrals complete a task. This is option is good if you want to earn extra tokens. You can find the referral link on the website and you can start sharing it on social media or with friends.

Instant Exchange

The instant exchange in autofaucet.org is a great feature. You can swap any crypto coin for another one. All exchange transactions are executed instantly without any fees.


The exchange process is effortless just choose two coins, solve a captcha and you will get your new coins on your balance in no time.

Is Autofaucet.org Legit?

Yes, autofaucet.org is legit and one of the most reliable auto faucet that have been paying for many years. It has some amazing features that make cryptocurrencies accessible to anyone with a computer or smartphone.


To withdraw your coins just head to the withdraw section and there you will find all the available coins with their corresponding balance. Select your coin and hit the withdraw button.


The minimum required amount depends on the selected coins but for most cryptos this amount is low. If you choose faucetpay the payments are sent instantly and without fees. This option is the best but not all coins support this microwallet so you might have to pay additional fees if you are sending to external wallets.


Autofaucet.org has many opportunities to collect multiple crypto coins instantly and automatically. Users can earn tokens through various easy tasks available on the site.

If you want to try out auto faucets this site is a fantastic platform where you can earn in more than 41 types of cryptocurrencies. With an intuitive design, the website provides a great experience for users looking to increase their crypto income.

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