Crypto Faucets continue to draw a lot of attention thanks to its "earn for free" model. It's a model that has grown to different styles and variations. But today, there are so many alternatives and options that it's hard to distinguish the legit from the scam.

However, there are a handful of services out there that offer genuine earning opportunities. And today, we'll look at one such service - Cointiply.

What Is Cointiply?

Cointiply is, essentially, a faucet/website that allows you to earn in-house coins when you perform specific actions online. The actions are usually activities that you normally perform and encounter in your daily browsing, anyway.

So, you can understand it as a Get-Paid-To (GPT) service were performing the designated tasks rewards you with cryptocurrency.

The actions can include anything from watching a specified ad to answering questions to a survey. The tasks are easy and menial, but the rewards are real and tangible.

Is Cointiply a Scam?

The most common apprehension that most people have towards crypto faucets like Cointiply is whether it's a legitimate service. And understandably so, because many scammers try to present business models that claim to give free earnings but don't really honor their payouts in the end.

However, Cointiply is certainly not a scam. In fact, it's one of the highest performing crypto faucets, along with successful names like Freebitcoin and Firefaucet. The service also boasts of a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot, with more than 3,200 individual reviews testifying to their service.

According to the website, their current user-base exceeds 2.7 million, and they've honored over 135 million faucet claims till date. In short, you don't have to worry about the service scamming or tricking you into losing money.

Cointiply rewards users with coins when you perform the required tasks. These coins aren't currencies in the real world, not yet anyway.


The coins or credits earned are tied to the dollar (U.S.) for stability and consistency in conversion. To cash out your earnings, you can also send them to your Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin or Bitcoin address and convert them into cryptocurrency.

For the U.S. dollar, the value of Cointiply's credits (coins) is set at 10,000. This means 10,000 Cointiply coins will equal 1 U.S. dollar. This rate of conversion remains constant since it's a universal fiat currency - the U.S. dollar.

However, for Bitcoin, your coins worth is calculated in Satoshis (100 millionths of 1 Bitcoin). In this case, your Satoshi coins will increase in worth whenever Bitcoin experiences a decrease in value and vice versa.

How to Earn Coins/Credits on Cointiply

Before you can convert your credits to Bitcoin or other currencies, you'll have to first earn them through the tasks offered by Cointiply.

Here are the main actions/tasks that earn you coins on this service.

Faucet Roll

The most obvious and simplest task on the website is to roll the faucet. When you sign up for the Cointiply service, you get a dedicated account and a free but limited number of rolls per day. When you roll the faucet, you randomly get a number within a specified range of values. And the number you roll determines how many coins you earn.


For instance, rolling a number from 1 to 69,999 will get you 10 coins or rolling a higher number between 90,000 and 96,999 will earn you 23 coins. Rolling the number 99,999 is essentially the jackpot, which yields rewards of 100,000 coins or more.

Answering Surveys

Another sure-shot way of earning coins on Cointiply is by taking the available surveys.

The surveys are usually about brands, goods, products, or services that companies send out for market research, product feasibility, etc. The website will let you undergo a small assessment to see what kind of surveys will fit your personality and interest. Then, it will show you the recommended results, and you can begin straight away.


It's not difficult to earn a few dollars worth of coins on these surveys, and the quantity you'll earn is shown even before you begin the survey. Just be careful of quality control questions (trick questions) that appear in between.

Enjoy a Few Games

They offer a variety of simple yet engaging games that reward you with coins when you play for a specified period or make progress.


Games like Jewel Shuffle, Block Champ, Classic Solitaire, etc., are all small titles that you must've played in the past. So, you can easily jump into one of these games and play till your activity bar increases. As the bar fills up, you'll get about 10 coins before it resets, and the cycle continues.

Viewing PTC Ads

There are Paid-to-click advertisements that you can watch in return for a small number of coins. These ads will usually require you to view them for a specified number of seconds/minutes.

You have the option of not clicking a specific ad if you feel that the content is suspicious or inappropriate.

Play Videos

Go to the "Video and Repeatable Offers", and select a video of your choice. Play the video and simply wait for the coins to accumulate.


Download and Install

The 'App install and Sign-up Offers' section will let you download applications and get rewarded for it. This section will also have offers where you can sign-up for specific services. Once you create an account or profile, Cointiply will let you earn several coins in exchange for these actions.

Cointiplay: Chance to Multiply

The Cointiplay event/section on the website lets you stake a number of your coins with the chance of winning more or losing the stake. This one's based more on luck than interactions.


Finding gem clusters of specific colors will multiply your coins or make you lose the bet.

Cointiply Arena

A new feature has recently been launched by the website - the cointiply arena. This is sort of like a game, where you can purchase and upgrade heroes with your coins.

At the end of the month each hero fight against the other. The last 100 remaining heroes compete for a prize of 20% Arena prize pool. The arena prize pool increases every time a hero is purchased. In the menu, you can check the total arena prize pool and the time remaining until the battle starts.


The trick here is to try to level up your hero as much as you can to increase the possibilities of winning. Also buying the strongest hero with balanced stats is a must. This feature looks promising but is too soon to tell.

One important thing to note is that at the end of the battles when the arena resets every month you do not keep the heroes you have purchased.

Final Note

Besides the common tasks mentioned here, there are other lucrative options for earning even more on Cointiply. You can use Item Pods to boost earnings, refer new customers for additional coins, enhance your rewards with the Loyalty Bonus, or make fixed deposits of your coins and earn interest.

With multiple ways of enhancing your passive income, Cointiply is surely worth checking out if you're interested in leveraging crypto faucets.

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