The internet makes it possible to obtain cryptocurrencies online for free. There are a large number of crypto faucets that are unknown to many people.

Swissfaucet is one of those sites that have great earning opportunities to earn cryptocurrencies online but is not popular. In this article, we will review the site and explain how you can earn with Swissfaucet, which coins it supports, how you can withdraw and much more.

What Is

Swissfaucet is a pretty new faucet, it was just created in 2021. This faucet’s primary payment mode was bitcoin cash but after some time the website added support for 9 more crypto coins including top coins like bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc.


The website design is simple but unique and the interface is easy to navigate between pages. There are a minimum amount of ads, with no popads or redirects ads which can be annoying, so the user experience is good.

How to Earn With Swissfaucet?

Swissfaucet has a lot of earning options: faucet claim, ptc ads, shortlinks, offerwall, daily tasks, mining, contests and many more. Let’s know more about these earning tasks.

Faucet Claim

Claiming from the faucet is the easiest task on this site, you can earn free coins every 60 minutes. Unlike other faucet sites where you roll a number and earn a crypto reward depending on your luck, on Swissfaucet the faucet reward is a constant value.


The current amount that you can earn with the faucet claim is 10 coins every hour. The faucet claim on this website is really easy to complete and you don’t even have to solve a captcha, just click the claim coins button and that is you will get your coins instantly on your balance, pretty simple.


The Ptc section shows a list of ads that you can view and in return you will earn coins. Ptc ads pay on average 10 coins and last 15 seconds. To watch an ad click on the watch button to start the timer, if you feel an ad is inappropriate for you, you can report it.


Unfortunately, there are a little number of them available right now and the payout is low.

This is one of the most lucrative options on Swissfaucet. In this section, you can find different shortlinks with different payouts and there are a lot of them (71 in total).

The least you can earn with a shortlink is 10 coins but most of them pay 25 coins and even 35 coins. The shortlinks also have a rating system where users can rate the link quality and user satisfaction. This rating system is pretty important and it’s best to select shortlinks with at least four stars.


Additionally, shortlinks also show the difficulty level of the shortlink from easy, medium and ultra. Our recommendation is to choose links with easy or medium difficulty.


If you want to earn high amounts of coins in Swissfaucet, the offerwall section is the best option. You can choose offers or surveys that are available for you and the payout is high.


Offers can include downloading apps, signing up to websites or answering surveys. Offerwall also has a rating system where users can rate the offers but only if they have completed at least 5 offers. This rating system is pretty helpful to decide which offers are worth your time.

Daily Tasks

The daily tasks are like missions, they required you to perform some specific actions on the website before they reset. These tasks are rewarded with extra coins and they are a good way to earn by just doing the tasks that you normally do on the website.

Mining Coins

Coins can also be earned by mining. There are two miners software that can be downloaded from the site, one is a CPU miner and the other is a GPU miner. The number of coins you earn mining depends on your hashrate, this hashrate is based on your CPU or GPU power.


When the miner starts running you will get paid in coins for every share the miner solves. Coins mined are credited to your account after one hour. This doesn’t mean you will need to mine for one hour, you can mine for a few minutes and that is fine.

Besides these features, you can also earn by stacking coins on the platform and contest competitions for the most active users on the site.

Withdraw and Supported Coins

As mentioned before Swissfaucet supports 10 cryptocurrencies. Every coin has a minimum required amount and fees but they are low. When you select a cryptocurrency the coins will be automatically converted to that crypto and you can start the withdrawal process.


Payments are manually sent, thus they can take up to 3 days and microwallets like faucetpay are not currently supported, unfortunately. Users have a daily withdrawal limit of 1000 coins. Is Legit or Scam?

Despite Swissfaucet being a new site, it has some really nice features. You can earn in multiple cryptocurrencies with it. If you want to earn on the go Swissfaucet also has an app available to download from the google play store.

Swissfaucet is a legit social gaming community with a multi faucet. The website is user friendly and if you are interested in an easy way to earn cryptocurrencies online, I recommend you to check this new crypto faucet.

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