If you’re someone looking for new ways to earn money passively, this article is for you. We’ll be talking about this new platform, Honeygain, where you can make extra income for sharing data. Sounds too good to be true? You can read this article to find out how it works, how you can use it for your benefit, and answer the million-dollar question: Is Honeygain legit?

What Is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a mobile application that lets you share your unused internet data for money. It works on a state-of-the-art technology that lets you earn money through sharing bandwidth with other users on the platform without compromising your privacy and personal information.


It takes a little bit of patience to get things going. At first glance, you might think that the catch overweighs the profit, but once you get its gist, you’ll understand how this is one of the best ways to earn a passive income. The amount can be pretty significant depending on how you use it.

There’s nothing for you to do except download the app and install it on your device. The rest is taken care of by the technology, so you have to sit back and wait as you watch your account grow.

Is Honeygain Safe?

Honeygain is a legit website that gives you all the benefits without disrupting your daily routine. The app is entirely discreet and works in the background. It has access to all your network information, so if you are uncomfortable with this kind of thing, this app is not for you.


Other than this, the app does not ask for any additional personal information besides your Paypal account and your email so they can send you the payments. The payouts through this app are timely, which is a plus point. Additionally, your end has minimal effort after you have it all downloaded on your device, so you’re getting paid without doing anything, which is always a positive point.

What Is the Honeygain App?

The Honeygain application is compatible with many different devices and operating systems. You also get a bonus for installing the app, which is one of the most attractive features of the application. In addition to this, you also have the chance to maximize all your earnings quickly.

It’s not just a mobile app, so you can download it on your computers and run the app in the background, so you’re earning money from all your electronic devices.


Of course, the app is also available for iOS and Android phones. When writing this review, you could connect up to 6 different devices to the application. Hence, the more devices you use the app on, the more are your chances of earning extra money.

How to Install It?

You have to go to their official website, download the apk and manually install it on your device. Once you download the apk, you will be given prompts so you can follow the step-by-step instructions for the installation process.

How Does Honeygain Work?

The working of Honeygain is what is their most attractive feature. The more devices you connect the app to, the higher your chances of earning more money. So the solution for high passive income is clear- you need to run the application on several devices to maximize your earnings quickly.

You don’t have to connect to 5-6 different devices to earn a decent income, and just 1 or two instruments are enough to bring you the extra cash you need. The one precautionary measure to take is that you cannot have more than 2 different devices connected to the same network. Since this app runs in the background, you may experience your battery draining more quickly than usual.


The Honeygain website provides an online calculator where you can check the estimated amount of money you will earn from the amount of data you share. For example, if you share about 10 GB of data every day for a whole month, your monthly earnings will come up to $30.

This calculator is an excellent addition to the appeal of this application because you get to calculate how much you’ll spend on your Internet and how much you’ll be sacrificing for the app to work.

How to Earn?

As discussed earlier, you can connect to the app and earn through the primary method of sharing your data. This can be done through multiple devices so you can maximise your earnings. Apart from this, there are many more ways you can earn on the platform. We’ve listed three other ways on how you can earn through Honeygain.

Their Referral Program

Honeygain has an active referral program that lets you earn rewards for inviting and bringing new users to their platform. When there’s a new installation with your referral code, you earn up to 10% of their earnings daily. So the more referrals you have, the higher your chances of earning more money.

Application Installation

Installing the application earns you a bonus of 5$. The only real work you need to do to earn money through Honeygain is downloading the apk and install it manually on your device. After this, you can sit back and wait for the end of the month when you’ll be rewarded with the money in your account.

Delivery of Content

This feature within the honeygain application can help you increase your earnings. Unlike the conventional way of earning money through the app, with this feature, you can share your data to deliver content that has a high bandwidth need, such as videos, images, audio, IPTV, and so on.

It would help if you had a very stable internet connection, and you can only use this service on Mac Operating systems or Windows devices. The catch is that this feature is not guaranteed for all users, and the spots are minimal for this function, so you might not be able to find this function toggle in your settings.

How Does Honeygain Pay?

You can choose if you want to get paid through cryptocurrency or in cash. Honeygain supports payments in PayPal and Bitcoin, so the transaction process is quite simple and accessible for most people.

A precautionary aspect is the withdrawal fees they levy against cashing out from these payment channels. For PayPal, they charge 15% of your transaction amount for every withdrawal, whereas if you go for the bitcoin mode of payment, they charge 7% in commission.


One new payment system they have introduced is the JUMPTOKEN which doesn’t let any withdrawal charges. The minimum amount required for a cash-out is set at $20, roughly 20,000 credits.


• Easy passive means of earning income.

• The welcome bonus is set at a reasonable $5.

• You can use it on multiple devices.

• Legitimate payment gateways.

• Available for global users.


• Withdrawal fees are pretty high.


Honeygain is an innovative app that helps you earn passive income in the easiest way possible. You don’t need to do much with the app; have it installed on your device or multiple devices and cash out when you have collected enough. So if you’re looking for some side hustle for extra cash, be sure to check out this excellent new app.

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