Looking for a premium crypto platform to earn free gift cards and cryptocurrencies? Solve easy tasks and level up to earn more with this amazing GPT site.

Bucksify is a crypto earning platform with various rewarding features and tasks. In this post, we will review this website and see if it is a legit one or just another scam, how you can earn with bucksify, how can you get paid in gift cards, and many more.

What Is Bucksify?

So, what exactly is this website? Bucksify is a promising crypto earning platform with a lot of potential, it's basically a GPT site where you can earn various crypto coins and gift cards in exchange for points. These points are called BTX tokens and 10,000 BTX equals 1 USD.


This website has a really nice and cool design. The user interface works smoothly with some nice-looking animations when navigating through the website. So it's really easy to use and you will not find any problem using the site.

How to Earn With Bucksify

Bucksify is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) website, and like most GPT sites, bucksify has some tasks to earn BTX tokens. The hourly gift is similar to a faucet, here you can claim free tokens every hour. Offerwalls surveys are another way to earn and besides these mentioned tasks you also can earn with the loyalty bonus, level system and quests. Let's explain these tasks in more detail.

Hourly Gift

This section is similar to a faucet, here you can earn approx 10 to 24 BXT every hour by submitting a captcha which is really simple to complete. This amount depends on your actual level, with higher account levels you can earn more tokens.


This feature is effortless and you will get your reward instantly into your account balance.

Loyalty Bonus

If you are an active member of the site you can earn free tokens with the loyalty bonus. All you have to do is to log in to the site every day and click on the loyalty bonus button which will be of the color green when it's ready otherwise you will see a counter counting down until the bonus is ready again.


Loyalty bonus can be claimed every day and the reward amount you get keeps increasing with each consecutive day that you request this bonus. Higher levels grant more tokens for each loyalty bonus.


This is one of the best features to earn BTX tokens on bucksify, the offerwall section has a lot of different offers and surveys available. You can earn huge amounts of tokens with each offer you complete.


Unfortunately, not all offers are available from the start, some offers have level restrictions, which means that your account has to be at a certain specific level before you can access these offers.

Refer & Earn

Bucksify pays a 10% referral commission for every new user you bring to the site and for that, you can find a unique referral link on the site. You can share this link on social media, with friends, etc.


This is a good way to earn, but it can be hard to get referrals so it's not for everyone.

Bucksify Quests

Quest are basically achievements, you can earn extra tokens by accomplishing some specific tasks that you can find in this section. There are two types of quests - Daily quests and lifetime quests. Daily quests reset or expire daily while lifetime quests do not expire and you can complete them whenever you want.


Additionally, there are also competitions on the site, the top ten most active users every day get rewarded with some BTX tokens. Likewise, there is also a monthly competition that rewards the 10 most active users every month with a lot of prizes.

Bucksify Levels

Bucksify levels are called perks and are similar to Faucetcrypto levels. When you complete a task on the website you get BTX tokens and experience points. These experience points make your level progress bar fill and when it's filled you progress to the next level.


Each level gives extra bonuses to the following features - Offerwall bonus, hourly gift bonus, loyalty bonus and BXT reward. With this level bonuses your reward for each task is increased and you will get more tokens than before.

Levels are a great feature and you only need to be active on the website to reach higher levels.


Withdrawals on bucksify are pretty straightforward, to request a payment you can choose cryptocurrency or gift cards. But first, you will need to reach the minimum payout threshold which is 5 USD (50,000 BXT) for crypto payments and just 1 USD (10,000 BXT) for gift cards.


After payment has been requested it usually just takes 24-48 hours to be sent. Bucksify supports 13 cryptocurrencies and more than 20 types of gift cards. So you have a good amount of payment options and you can choose one that best suits your needs.

Bucksify Is Legit or Scam?

Bucksify GPT is a legit website that was launched in 2019, so it's a recent site but still paying until today. Like most GPT sites, bucksify has a lot of tasks and activities. The website design is amazing, user friendly and works great on pc or mobile devices.

Bucksify is one of the best sites to earn crypto and gift cards, it has a lot of features that are worth trying. If you want to earn free crypto or gift cards, this site is a great option.

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