Faucets and mobile apps are a great way to earn cryptocurrencies online. With the advance in technology, mobile apps and games are becoming more popular than ever.

Want to know how you can earn free litecoin with a simple and fun android app where you can win up to 100,000 litoshis per claim? This article will show you how to earn with litecoin giveaway, what is the bonus claim and much more. Let’s get started.

What Is Litecoin Giveaway?

Litecoin giveaway is an android app available to download in the play store. The name of the app was "free litecoin" but it was recently changed to litecoin giveaway. The app is only available on android and unfortunately, it can’t be installed on IOS devices.

This little app allows people to earn free litecoin every 60 min by playing a mini-game similar to a roulette game where luck is an important factor in how much you earn. Litecoin giveaway requires android 4.4+ to run and it has more than one million downloads.


The app is from Bitcoin Aliens which have also other similar apps and games in the play store. The process to get started using the app and earning litecoin is easy. The first time you run the app, you will need to input some basic details: your email address for login and litecoin address where you want to receive payments.

How to Earn?

In litecoin giveaway you have four ways to earn, let’s take a look.

Hourly Claim

The hourly claim is the most common task to earn. When you click on it a little minigame will start. You will also see a table with all the possible litecoin rewards you can earn depending on your luck. The reward values are random and change with every claim but they typically range from 80 to 800 litoshis.


In the game you need to click the spin prizes button, you have two spins available in every claim. So you have two opportunities to get a good prize reward. The amount of litecoin you get depends on the spot where the roulette landed. If you want extra spins, you can click on the more spins button, but you will have to watch a short video ad before the extra spin is credited to your account.

An interesting aspect of the game is the special rewards that are marked with a litecoin icon. The game is divided into 3 tiers and when you land on a special spot you advance to a higher tier, when this happens you have the opportunity to earn bigger rewards and if lucky you can hit the jackpot of 100,000 litoshis. The hourly claim game within the app is the best way to earn and it's fun.

Bonus Claim

In the app, you will find the bonus claim where you can get additional litoshis but you are required to watch a video ad in order to get your reward. Again luck is a big factor here and you can earn a decent or low prize depending on your luck.

The bonus claim is similar to the hourly claim but you need to watch a video ad of 20-30s to start this feature and this doesn’t guarantee that you will win a good reward.


To earn more, litecoin giveaway has several third-party offers where you can earn a lot of litecoin, these offers can include surveys, playing mobile games, downloading apps, etc. Some of these offers get credited instantly while others like surveys might take more time.



With the litecoin giveaway referral program, you can get a commission when you invite someone to the app. When someone you invited earns litecoin using the hourly game, bonus claim or the offerwall you will also get 10% without affecting their income. This is a great way to earn if you know friends or people who might be interested in earning crypto with an app. For this, you will find your referral link within the app in the settings menu.

Is Litecoin Giveaway Legit?

Litecoin giveaway has been paying since 2019. It’s a legit app from well-known android developers - Bitcoin Aliens. You can earn litecoin in the simplest way by playing a mini-game that is easy and fun. The app is also compatible with most android devices and it runs seamlessly, with no bugs or problems that can hinder the user experience.

Automatic Payments

The payments in the app are automatic as long as you have at least 100,000 litoshis in your balance, you will receive your payment the next Tuesday. One important thing to note is once you have set your litecoin address in your account you will not be able to change it. By playing the hourly game and taking advantage of the bonus claim or the offerwall you can easily get to the payment threshold in just a few days.


Litecoin giveaway is among the best mobile apps to earn litecoin completely free but some luck is involved to get good rewards. Still, the extra features are great and make this app worth your time.

If you want to earn litecoin on the go and have some time to spare, make sure to download this app on your mobile device and start earning in a fun and easy way.

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