Litecoin is one of the best cryptocurrencies in the crypto world along with successful coins like bitcoin and dogecoin. This cryptocurrency has great value and is widely used as an online payment method.

You can get free amounts of litecoins by using a litecoin faucet. In this post, we will explain and review how to earn free LTC with free-litecoin website a nice faucet with some good features and rewards.

What Is Free-litecoin?

Free-litecoin is litecoin faucet, the website started operating in 2017 and it works similarly to freebitcoin. The faucet design looks ok, it has an easy-to-use interface with nice looking colors. In the bottom part of the site, you can check a table with all the possible LTC reward values that you can earn by rolling the faucet.


How to Earn With Free-litecoin

Free-litecoin has a few earning features that are worth mentioning besides the faucet but unfortunately, there are not too many.

Roll the Faucet

Rolling the faucet is the easiest way to earn litecoin with this site, you will get a specific amount of LTC depending on the lucky number that you rolled (between the numbers 0-10000) if you roll the number 10000 you win the jackpot of 200$ USD in LTC. When you made a claim or roll you will need to wait 60 minutes until the faucet refreshes and you can claim again.

It's important to know that the final litecoin value you get with each claim keeps changing and is not always the same. This value depends on the current litecoin market price and since crypto is high volatile the reward value changes a lot.


Claiming from the faucet is fairly simple and easy, but first you will need to solve a small captcha by writing a series of letters you will see in a captcha box image and then when you are done just hit the roll number button.

A number will be rolled and you will be paid with a certain amount of litoshis depending on the rewards table and the current price of litecoin.

Earn Daily Interest

The website has an earn interest section where you can earn a yearly interest of 10% but only if you have in your account a balance of 0.05 LTC or more. The interest amount is paid daily at random times throughout the day. You can also send deposits to your account balance with no minimum amount required and it will be available in your account after one confirmation from the blockchain.


Your account balance can be used to earn interest and for gambling in two different games available on the site - Multiply dice game and blackjack. This is a risky feature and we don't recommend you to send or deposit any amount into this website, you never know when the site will turn into a scam and stop paying, so it's better to avoid it and just use the faucet to claim litecoin.

Free-litecoin Lottery

This part of the faucet is pretty simple, here you can participate in a lottery game by buying tickets, and you can buy tickets with your internal balance. The cost of each lottery ticket is only 10 litoshis (0.00000010 LTC) and there are no restrictions on the minimum or maximum amount of tickets you can buy.

The lottery is divided into rounds, each lottery round lasts 7 days until a winner is selected. You will also see a time counter counting down at the middle of the page with the remaining time until the system chooses a new winner when this happens the counter is reset and a new round starts.


The final prizes are based on the total number of tickets purchased in each round, any user can participate in this game. This is a fun feature if you feel lucky, but in the end, it's not really worth it because it's pretty unliked to win anything with this feature.

Referral Commission

Like most well-known faucets, Free-litecoin also has a referral system and it's pretty generous. The website pays a half 50% referral commission for every user you bring to the site and it's one of their best features.



We come to the worst part of this faucet - the high minimum withdrawal required to request a payment and the high fee. To get paid on Free-litecoin you need to have at least 0.004 LTC and an additional fee of 0.001 which is really high, so it can take a while to get there if you don't have any referral.

Free-litecoin Is Legit or Scam?

Free-litecoin is a legitimate litecoin faucet, it has some issues and lacks some basic earning features like offers or surveys, but they are currently paying and we have received several payments from this site.

The website is well-built with a little number of ads, it's easy to use thanks to the nice user interface. The payout in this faucet is high as well as its minimum withdrawal threshold. You will need to claim a lot to request a payment, so keep that in mind before joining this faucet.

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