Matic polygon is a digital currency created in 2017. It’s a new crypto token powered by the ethereum network with low fees, you can send matic as low as 0.01$ per transaction.

Polygon has a good price in the current market and is quickly gaining popularity among crypto investors. Transactions on the matic network are fast, cheap and efficient making it one of the best crypto to invest in.

In this article, we are going to review a new matic crypto faucet – freematic. If you want to know how to earn free polygon matic with this faucet, keep reading this article.

What Is Freematic?

Freematic is a crypto faucet where users can earn free polygon matic, it was just launched a few days ago. This faucet belongs to a long list of similar faucets from the same owner e.g. Freecardano, Coinfaucet, Freeshibainu, etc.


The faucet design is similar to the other sites and the layout design is practically the same, so you shouldn’t have any problems using the site. There are currently 9000 registered users and growing every day.

How to Earn on Freematic?

Freematic makes it easy for new users to earn free polygon tokens through the platform. Let’s see how you can earn with this website.

Matic Faucet

As the name suggests this is the faucet feature where you can get free matic tokens by solving a simple captcha and clicking on the roll button every hour. The amount of matic you will get is really low most of the time, around $0.0003 worth in matic. This amount depends on the number rolled, bigger numbers give more matic.


When rolling the faucet you also have a chance to win the big prize of $300 paid in matic but the possibility to win the jackpot is practically zero. The faucet in freematic is really easy to use and every user can claim from it but you will not earn too much with it. But still might be worth it for people who got a lot of free time, but i wouldn’t recommend only focusing on the faucet as you’re earnings will be bad, instead, you can do offers and surveys to earn a lot more free matic tokens in a short amount of time.

Free Rolls

If you wish not to wait 1 hour until the faucet refreshes, you can use the free rolls. The free rolls basically allow you to claim one more time without the timer. To earn these free rolls you can solve shortlinks. The shortlinks are simply hyperlinks that you need to click and complete by solving a captcha at the end.

Offers & Surveys

Aswering surveys or offers can be profitable on freematic but these tasks are a lot harder than the faucet and they also take a lot more time to complete. The payout amount you can earn with each offer or survey will be shown before you start.


The offers don’t display the payout amount in matic, instead, the website uses an internal currency called “tokens”, 500 tokens = 1$ worth in matic. Offers are the best way to earn in this faucet and they are just simple tasks that everyone can do, like answering surveys, downloading apps and watching videos, just remember that some offers will be credited after they are approved by the offer provider.


If you want to earn extra matic tokens, the referral feature is perfect for users who want to earn passive income. A unique referral link will be generated for you by the website, copy this link and start sharing it with friends or people. For this, you can use platforms like forums and social media.


The referral commission for inviting new users to the site is quite good, freematic will pay 50% of whatever your referrals make while using the site. This is a great opportunity to earn more without doing anything.

Promo Codes

Earn more polygon tokens by taking advantage of the promo codes. The promo codes give free matic or free rolls when you redeem them on the website. There are usually found on the twitter website account but codes are not always available.


To be eligible to withdraw, first you need to have 1 matic on your account. Payments are sent to BSC/BEP20 wallets and they are instant.


The minimum withdrawal on this faucet is low and you can get there pretty easily by completing a couple of offers or surveys. On the other hand, by just using the faucet and it will take a really long time before you reach that amount.

Is Freematic Legit?

Yes, freematic might still be new but there are already several payment proofs on the site, just click the stats button to see them. The website is also owned but a known admin with several paying faucets, so there are a lot of reasons to consider this crypto faucet a legitimate one.


Freematic is a crypto faucet that pays in polygon (matic). The site is recent, it came out just a few days ago and it’s easy to use. There are many ways to earn on this website and although the payout in the faucet is not amazing compared to other popular faucets there are also some great features that give this website a plus.

If you like matic cryptocurrency or just want to earn crypto by claiming and doing offers, freematic is the highest paying matic faucet available and is worth a shot.

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