With the recent surge of cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional cash, many new coins have appeared as a result. Shiba inu is one of those coins, it’s a new crypto token with great potential and like the dogecoin, it’s quickly gaining huge popularity.

In this post, we will talk about Freeshibainu the best shiba inu faucet to claim free SHIB tokens. If you want to know how you can earn with this site, this article will review all it's features in great detail.

What Is Freeshibainu?

Freeshibainu is a recent faucet that pays free shiba inu every hour. The website has a good design and it’s easy to navigate with no ads or banners. The site is available in 11 languages making it very accessible for people around the world.


According to the website stats, they have more than 98,000 registered users which is impressive. The registration process is really easy and you will be ready to use the faucet in no time

The owner of the site is a well know admin and has several similar faucets eg. Coinfaucet (increasing the trustworthiness of the site). Below is a list of the best features of the site.

How to Earn With Freeshibainu

The website has several ways to earn tokens for free and if you are lucky you can even get up to 300$ worth in shiba inu. Let’s talk more about these features of the site.

Faucet Roll

The faucet roll is the easiest way to get shiba inu tokens, you will get coins depending on the number rolled. For instance, if you rolled between 0-9885 you get 12 shiba inu tokens which have a value of USD 0.0003$. If you roll a higher number you will get x100 more tokens but most of the time you will get 12 tokens because the probability to roll a higher number than 9885 is really low.


This feature is effortless and you get your shiba inu tokens credited to your account instantly. Like with most similar faucets the final reward value that you get depends on the current shiba inu market price and will increase whenever the price is low and vice versa.

The faucet can only be rolled every 60 minutes. If you wish not to wait you can get extra free rolls but by visiting the free roll page, let’s know more about this feature next.

Extra Free Rolls

With the free roll section you can get free rolls without needing to wait until the faucet refreshes. For this you need to visit some links, there are 7 in total. The links are actually shortlinks and for each you complete you get an extra faucet roll, it’s simple as that. Shortlinks reset every 24 hours.


Additionally, you can also get extra rolls with promo codes. These promo codes can be found on the website’s twitter account. To redeem a code just copy paste it into the input box and click go. You will get a new extra roll instantly.


The offerwall section provides ways to earn extra tokens in exchange for completing offers or surveys. The payout here is much higher than the faucet.


In the offerwall you earn points, these points can then be exchanged for shiba inu tokens, 500 points = 1$ USD. If you want to earn a good amount of shiba inu this feature is the best for you.

Referral Program

Freeshibainu referral program is great, you can earn a commission rate of 50% for every new people you refer to the site.


If you want to earn more shiba inu with the faucet, the referral program is a good option and you just need to share your link on social media platforms or with friends.

How to Withdraw

To withdraw your earnings on the platform just click on the withdraw button located on the left side of the website. From there you can start the withdrawal process which is simple. Payments on the faucet are instant, you do not have to wait and your payment will be sent right away.


An important thing to know is that the minimum payout threshold is high – 50,000 SHIB, but there are no additional fees. The website only allows payments to BSC/BEP20 wallets, so it’s important to verify that your wallet is a BSC (binance smart chain) before requesting a payment.

Although the minimum withdrawal amount is a little too high, you can actually get there with the help of the extra rolls and the offerwall.

Freeshibainu Is Legit or Scam?

Freeshibainu is a new platform that pays in SHIB tokens. The faucet is currently paying and active. The website provides many ways for its users to acquire these tokens.

Although the payout is not high as other faucet platforms that we have reviewed on this website. Freeshibainu is a legit shiba inu faucet for users who are interesting in this new cryptocurrency or just want to earn free crypto.

Either way, if you like shiba inu or dogecoin this faucet is worth checking out.

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