Cardano also known as Ada is a cryptocurrency that is constantly growing with a great value in the current market. This coin has gone through several stages since its creation and its price has risen significantly in recent years.

In this article we will review a cardano faucet that has been active for many years. Freecardano gives free Ada coins every hour but, is the site legit? How can you earn cardano with this faucet? Find it out in this post.

What Is Freecardano?

Freecardano is a crypto faucet with the difference that it only pays in cardano (ADA). This site is pretty similar to Freeshibainu and it’s from the same admins. Freecardano is an established faucet that has been active since 2017 and according to the website, they have half million registered users.


The website design, in general, is good with a nice interface and it’s available in multiple languages including english, spanish, portugues, etc.

How to Earn With Freecardano?

In Freecardano you will get free ADA mostly with the faucet feature but there are also other earning options that are worth mention, let’s take a look at some of them.

Cardano Faucet

In this section, you can roll the faucet game every hour and get free ADA coins in return. The rolling process is simple. First, you need to solve a captcha after clicking the roll button. This captcha is a Hcaptcha type and therefore can be a little more complicated to solve than other captchas like recaptcha or solvemedia for example.


The amount of cardano you get is based on the lucky number you rolled and a payout table shows all the possible reward values in ADA that you can get.

The faucet is based on luck but the most common occurrence is to get the lowest possible reward value. The current lowest reward value is 0.00033860 ADA. Most of the time like 99% you will get that reward value which is honestly really low. But thankfully, Freecardano also has offers and surveys where you can get meaningful amounts of ADA. Let’s talk more about this next.

Offers and Surveys

In the offerwall section of the website, you will find high rewarding tasks that pay good amounts of ADA. These tasks can include surveys, downloading apps or signing up to offers.


When you complete an offer or survey you earn tokens that can be converted to ADA and 500 tokens = $1 USD. Surveys and offers are the most profitable and reliable way to earn with this faucet.

Promo Codes

Promo codes give extra faucet rolls. These codes are found on the website’s social media platforms like twitter and you can redeem them on the site for free faucet rolls.

What are extra faucet rolls? Well, as its name suggests the extra roll lets you roll the faucet one more time even if the timer is active. This means that you don’t need to wait until the one hour timer finish, you can roll right away again if you have an extra roll available.


Promo codes and extra rolls are a good feature but because the faucet payout is so low, the extra rolls are not worth it, it’s better to spend your time trying to do some offers where you can actually earn something.

Another way to earn more rolls is by solving shortlinks. When you complete one shortlink an extra roll will be credited to your account instantly and you can roll again.

You can have any amount of extra rolls in your account and they never expire or get deleted.

Referral Program

Freecardano pays 50% referral commission for every referral you have. This commission is for the roll game and the offerwall. Every user that comes through your link and register, automatically become your referral and you can start earning commissions.


This is a good way to increase your income and the website will pay you whenever your referral earns from the faucet or the offers.


The minimum withdrawal in Freecardano is 5 ADA which equals to 4.5$ USD, at the current cardano market price. When you request a payment they are sent instantly to your wallet without the need to wait and with no fees.


The minimum threshold is high and just by claiming from the faucet will take you ages to get there but if you focus on offers or surveys you can reach that amount in just a few days.

Freecardano Is Legit or Scam?

This cardano faucet is one of the best in its category. With many years active and paying Freecardano has proven to be a legit platform to earn ADA.

Additionally, the website doesn’t run ads or popads that may affect the user's experience. If you are looking for a cardano faucet, Freecardano is the best choice right now. Join this site and start earning free ADA without too much effort.

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