Litecoin is among the best cryptocurrencies in today’s crypto market. With its price increasing steadily in the last years, litecoin is a valuable crypto coin. The coin is secure with low fees and fast transactions making it a user-friendly cryptocurrency for beginners.

If you are looking to earn litecoins online, this article will show how you can earn with freeltc a new litecoin faucet with some really good features and ways to earn litecoin.

What Is

Freeltc is a litecoin faucet where you can earn free litecoins by doing tasks on the website such as claiming from the faucet, answering surveys, solving shortlinks, playing crypto games and much more.


The website was created in 2021. It has a good design, a nice user interface and it’s easy to use, so everything works smoothly. When you register on the faucet and confirm your email, you will get a welcome bonus gift of up to 100,000 litoshis completely free.

How to Earn With Freeltc?

Freeltc has many earning options. The easiest way to earn is with the faucet but payment is not great. On the other hand, the surveys pay a lot more but they can be hard and take more time to complete. Let’s take a brief look at the best earning features on the website.

Faucet Claim

The faucet reward is based on your current level. New users start at level 1 and the payout for this level is 250 litecoins. To increase your level you need to play betting games on the platform. You need to reach a target betting amount threshold to advance to the next level.


With higher levels, your profit for the faucet will increase, up to 0.02 litecoin per claim. The faucet can be claimed every 60 minutes and you will need to wait until it refreshes.

Unfortunately, this feature is blocked for most starter users as you will need to be level 2 to access it. Shortlinks are the typical type of links that you need to open and follow some steps provided by the website (this usually involves solving a recaptcha) to earn some coins in return.


Shortlinks are a really good way to earn but is such a shame that they are not available to most users due to level restrictions.


Answering surveys is the highest paying feature on freeltc. There is no level restriction to access this feature. The reward values are shown in USD and they will be converted to LTC automatically after a survey is credited.


For a survey to be credited it can take some time. On the website, you can also check the survey history where you can see the list of surveys you have completed with relevant data like current status, reward amount and date. Surveys are a fantastic feature if you want to earn a lot of litecoins in a short amount of time.

Gift Codes

Gift codes are promotional codes that you can redeem for litecoins. You can find these codes in promo emails, social media, etc.


You can also complete challenges to earn extra litecoins. Some of them are really easy to solve as they only involve basic activities like making 20 faucet claims, completing 20 shortlinks or answering one survey. But there are also harder tasks and your reward depends on how hard is the challenge to complete. Harder challenges give more rewards.


Freeltc pays a lot of litecoins to bring new users to the site and it can be quite profitable. The referral commission is pretty high, you can get 50% of every faucet claim your referrals make.

To get referrals you need to share your referral link which is unique for each user. Go to the referral section and grab your link. Now you can start inviting people to the website using social media or any other means and start earning extra income.


In the games section, you will find betting crypto games where you can multiply your litecoins. There are 3 betting games available: dice, mines and slots. By playing betting games on the platform you can increase your level and get more advantages while using the site like more faucet rewards, access to shortlinks, etc.


Betting is always risky and not something i would recommend you to do on this website. If you want to play betting games or slots, it’s better to find a reputable casino with a legal license and not just some random crypto website where the risk of begin scammed is higher, use these games at your own risk.


The minimum withdrawal is only 0.00050000 litecoins and you have to pay a fee of 1000 litoshis. Payments to faucetpay are currently not supported, so your only option is to send payments to external litecoin wallets.


After requesting a payment it can take some time to be processed (usually a few hours). The minimum is not too high and if you focus on surveys and not just the faucet you can withdraw a few times per day.

Freeltc Is Legit or Scam?

Freeltc is currently a legit litecoin faucet but be careful with the betting option, this site is similar to btcmaker a bitcoin faucet that existed a while ago with the same level system that suddenly become a scam and stop paying to their users. Let’s just hope freeltc keep paying and don’t become a scam in a short term.

Wrap Up

Freeltc has some interesting earning features but the betting and level system are questionable. The website is easy to use but not all features all available from the start and the website encourages you to bet litecoins in order to unlock all its benefits and earning possibilities.

Despite all of this, you can also earn litecoins without the need to bet anything. Features like the normal faucet and surveys are the ones that make this litecoin faucet worth it. If you want to earn litecoins this faucet is worth trying.

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