As the world moves towards a more digital future, platforms like PipeFlare are popping up everywhere to get users involved in the NFT and cryptocurrency space. There’s nothing more enticing for gamers than a promising play-to-earn platform that PipeFlare offers all its users.

In this article, we will deep dive into the working of PipeFlare and how it is growing to be one of the most anticipated growths in the industry.

What Is PipeFlare?

PipeFlare is a platform where you can play games to earn Flare Tokens. This community houses a group of independent developers who create indie games that users can play to earn tokens. Apart from this, you can also claim faucets, stake and purchase Matic, zec, and flare tokens for different kinds of crypto exchanges.


What Is the Flare Token (1FLR)?

Flare Tokens, also known as Flares, are in-house tokens on the platform, which you can collect through playing games and their daily faucet claims. Using the 1FLR, you can easily purchase in-game items on PipeFlare and even NFTs, memberships, powerups, and earn referrals. You can also use these tokens to purchase NFTs in the marketplace.

How Can You Earn 1FLRs

There are 4 different ways to earn 1FLRs on PipeFlare:

Faucet Claims

Similar to other sites, even on PipeFlare, users can add their wallet details and claim tokens with a simple button. You can make these claims on the platform daily, so if you visit the website repeatedly, you could end up with many tokens to use for your purchases.


Sometimes you may have to watch ads related to the PipeFlare website, but this is a small price to pay considering the long list of things you can do with this token. If you visit the site daily and earn a streak with your claims, you can even get the chance to be presented with a bonus claim.

Play to Earn Games

While PipeFlare has always had the vision of being a play-to-earn platform, after their partnership with 1FLR tokens, they have made considerable changes in their game selection. Plus, the rewards from playing these games are well integrated to allow users more tokens.


According to the roadmap that PipeFlare released in 2022, they plan to increase their games to at least 30 varieties by the end of the year. Right now, they offer only 9 games which are also very fun to play, but their extension of game selection is set to bring in more users and players to the platform.

Further, you can play most of the games they now have on their platform for a spot on the leaderboard contest. First place on this leaderboard earns you $10 for every game.


The PipeFlare hosts airdrops monthly for all users with Flare tokens. Your airdrop package will also vary according to how many tokens you currently hold. For instance, if you now own 1% of the flare supply on the website and their total airdrop amount is $5000, your airdrop claim will be $50.


On PipeFlare, you will find that you can quickly maximize your earnings through their staking feature. After you collect 1000 1FLR, you can promptly start placing stakes, allowing you to unlock monthly airdrops exclusive to some members. Staking bonuses and offers on PipeFlare can allow users up to 51%.


If you're more into investments, you can even collect a high number of 1FLR tokens and lock them up at high-interest rates up to 48%. Additionally, the 1FLR token comes with staking options which is a great way to earn passive income for the players.

PipeFlare Powerups

The PipeFlare team is looking to create powerups for all their users. A powerup can help you increase your rewards, but these powerups will come in 4 different stages:

1) Power Up Store

In this virtual store, you can buy how much ever powerups you want using your form of transaction, like credit cards. Once you have your powerup, it will show up on your dashboard, and you will reap the benefits of the powerup in your account.

2) NFT Marketplace V1

From the powerup store, the next stage is moving to the marketplace, which will be a place where users can do both buying and sell NFTs. Creators of NFTs can set their prices for their NFTs.

3) NFT Marketplace V2

This is the stage where users can finally sell the powerups they have been buying and collecting through the other steps. For instance, if you are the current owner of a 2x Faucet Multiplier that you purchased previously, at this stage, you can sell this powerup and even sell NFTs whose prices will be set by you.

4) Powerups To Assets

Now that the marketplace is set in place, the only thing left is to create a link between the different Powerups and whatever blockchain it is running on. This move will allow users to transfer their existing or purchased NFTs to the blockchain for minting purposes.

NFT Marketplace

The PipeFlare NFT marketplace is a place where you will be able to sell, trade, and buy NFTs. A bonus on this NFT marketplace is that PipeFlare's Pyro NFT, a limited edition mint NFT, can be found here. It comes with its share of perks about the crypto faucet and different exclusive staking bonuses.

On the NFT marketplace, you will find different kinds of NFTs that will help in the following ways:

• Eligible for claiming all kinds of airdrops.

• Increase the hearts when playing games.

• Discounted rates of the flare tokens.

• Purchasing referrals.

• Leader board payouts in twofold.

• Interest rate multipliers for staking bonuses.

Supporter Rewards

PipeFlare aims to allow its supporters to earn as much as possible through bonuses and rewards on the platform. The platform has 3 different supporter options to choose from, and you can choose to be a Casual, Hardcore, or Professional supporter.


For every support package, you need to pay a monthly amount for which you get exclusive benefits. You also get to join as a member and enjoy different perks, which ultimately outweigh the initial cost you pay for the subscription.


As a supporter of the platform, you get to withdraw your payouts for Zcash and 1FLR automatically. When it comes to Matic, you have to pay a meager 0.25 withdrawal fee before transferring your funds to your wallet.


If you aren't a supporter, the withdrawals will happen through weekly payment, typically done every Monday. The same goes for free-tier users regarding withdrawal fees for Matic.


For enthusiasts of blockchain gaming and technology, PipeFlare is a platform where you can easily earn passive income by playing games and staking tokens. They have their own in-house token, 1FLR, which you can use to power the system, including purchasing assets within the GameFi forums.

The good thing is that the transaction from the website to your wallet takes no time. Hence, the future of PipeFlare looks enticing for anyone interesting in such platforms and communities.

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