With the crypto market growing more robust than ever, services like apps or games allow users to earn cryptocurrencies while using these platforms. Rollercoin is one such service that rewards users with cryptocurrencies.

But is the website legit? How does Rollercoin work? Which coins can you mine?

If you've heard about Rollercoin and want to learn more about it, you have landed on the right page. Our article will help you understand the platform's features and how it works. So without further ado, let's get started.

What Is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin is a mining simulation game that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies. This free game allows you to mine cryptos by playing the game, and as you move forward or clear levels, you can earn satoshis. You can invest these in-game tokens in upgrading your mining data center or exchanging them for real cash according to your needs.


The game offers various features to enhance your mining rate according to your preferences. You can also increase your mining rate by playing mini-games or buying miners with your Rollertoken (RLT). In short, you can earn satoshis even if you are not playing the game, as the miners will do the job for you.

How Does Rollercoin Work?

The platform employs an intuitive and user-friendly interface that guides through every process. After creating your account, you can start your crypto mining by playing games and completing tasks.

When you play mini-games on the platform, it increases your hash rate, resulting in better profits. You can also allocate or divide the hash rate to mine individual cryptocurrencies.


For instance, if you feel that Bitcoin is more likely to earn you more profit during a specific period, you can use your entire hash rate on the crypto. Likewise, you can distribute your resources on all the coins according to your requirements.

In short, the primary trick is to understand the mining period and when you should utilize your resources.

Here are some tips to reap maximum benefits from the platform:

Check your profile daily and play mini-games regularly to boost your mining rate.

Always keep track of your miners and recharge them daily.

Use the referral program to expand your portfolio.

Complete daily and weekly tasks from the season pass page.

Do not ignore loot boxes.

Develop your gaming skills and try to give your best while playing games.

Which Coins Can You Mine on Rollercoin?

Rollercoin supports all the leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Polygon. Additionally, you can mine RollerToken or RLT tokens by completing mini-games or buying more miners to increase your profits.


The platform also runs weekly bonuses, allowing players to reap bonus rewards on specific cryptocurrencies. This weekly bonus runs on Monday, and the platform rewards players based on their activity, power, and mining prowess. You can earn more coins during this offer by allocating more resources to the targeted coins.

How Can You Build Your Mining Power?

You can increase your mining power by buying miners to mine coins even if you are not available. Although Rollercoin is a free simulation game, purchasing miners will boost your hash rate, increasing your income.

Miners play a significant role in your rankings and also help you get better weekly bonuses to reap more benefits. You can buy more miners from the store or weekly offers as you accumulate more resources.


In short, the more miners you have, the more significant the mining block you will receive. Miners also enhance the overall network performance and boost your network power to acquire more substantial rewards.

Here are the benefits of purchasing miners on this platform:

1. Miners increase your network power and mining rate.

2. Miners can help you get more significant mining block rewards.

3. You will earn cryptocurrencies even when you sleep.

4. Some miners have bonus power that increases your resources and mining strength.

5. Miners boost your overall data center's power.

However, you will have to employ a rack to purchase miners, which might be a slow process if you want to approach the game without spending money. Thankfully, Rollercoin offers miners at lower prices every week, making it accessible for beginners to start their mining journey.

What Is Rollercoin Season Pass?

After garnering success over the years, Rollercoin introduced the season pass feature to make the game more challenging and rewarding. A season pass runs for 60 days and offers daily and weekly missions to players.


You can complete these missions to earn XPs and exchange them for rewards. The introduction of daily and weekly tasks made the game more engaging, where everyone could participate for free. You can also upgrade your season pass to reap additional benefits and higher XPs.

In short, the season pass's introduction has enticed players to spend more time on the game, completing bonus quests to reap more rewards.

Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are a recent feature, each box has a cost of 10 - 50 RLT and you can get special miners with them. There are three types of loot boxes - Miners loot box, components loot box and RTL loot box. This feature is basically a gamble in hope that you get lucky and get a good miner or prize and that you don't waste your RLT in the process.


Loot boxes can get you some amazing miners with great hash rate power but stay away from RLT loot box because it's not worth it.

Item Drops

An interesting new feature is the item drops system, with this new feature you can get random items like free mining power, RLT tokens, miners parts or even miners by just playing the mini-games.


When you complete a level you have a small chance to get one of those items. Some items only last for a certain amount of time until they expire.

Drop items are based on luck but they are a great way to increase the mining power for free. This is one of the best features of Rollercoin.

Withdrawal Process

As we mentioned earlier, Rollercoin rewards you with satoshis after completing a task. You can use satoshis to purchase miners, RLT tokens, racks, loot boxes, skins or miner parts.


However, if you want to withdraw your earnings, you can choose a payment method to redeem your rewards directly to your crypto wallet address. The withdrawal process is straightforward, and you will receive your payment without any hassles.

Is Rollercoin Legit?

Since cryptocurrencies are the craze of the hour, people often consider these types of websites as scams, especially when they claim to provide cryptos by playing games. The platform has been in the business for many years and has over 2 million active users.

Rollercoin was the first simulation game that allowed users to mine cryptocurrencies by completing mini-games or purchasing miners. In short, you can trust this platform and start your crypto mining journey without any investment.


However, the only cause of concern is fake players or bots that can ruin your mining experience. Thankfully, Rollercoin employs advanced security measures to keep your mining data and earnings safe on the platform.

Wrap Up

Earning cryptocurrencies may be challenging, but platforms like Rollercoin make it effortless with their unique earning opportunities. Incorporating games and crypto mining ensures that miners are never bored with the interface.

While it may take time to build your mining facility, Rollercoin has got you covered with its exceptional features, including engaging and intuitive games. In summary, Rollercoin is the ultimate destination for gamers who love to earn while they play.

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